Book Chair

flickr Bob Travis Book Chair

I like the book chair.
It matches the book bench, the book side table, one or the other book lamp, the book vase, the book clock, the book coat hooks and everything else with books that I have presented before ;-)


Book Chair (The Book Chair)
via: Upcycled: New Uses for Old Chairs – Upcycled book chair
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Book Lamp
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Jeans Pocket Organizer in Embroidery Hoop

Home Made Modern Jeans Pocket Organizer in Embroidery Hoop

After one jeans pocket organizer and another jeans pocket organizer and the instructions with an embroidery hoop now the jeans pocket organizer in embroidery hoop ;-)
I like it :)


Jeans Pocket Organizer in Embroidery Hoop (Denim Pocket Organizers (Trend Alert))
via: Upcycled Denim Pocket Organizer

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Jeans Pocket Organizer
Jeans Pocket Organizer
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