Fabric Coil Coasters

Two Shades of Pink Fabric Coil Coasters

These fabric coil coasters are really nice, aren’t they?
The coils are glued, but of course you can also clothesline sew them.


Fabric Coil Coasters (Fabric Coil Coasters : I ♥ Green!)
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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

Upcycling a Plain T-Shirt

Michele Ng Upcycling a Plain T-Shirt

Simply upcycle a plain t-shirt :)
In fact I do not like the used lace band, but I could use something that I like better.
If you want to recycle your t-shirts in a different way, simply look at the previously presented t-shirt ideas :)


Upcycling a Plain T-Shirt (How to upcycle a plain tee)
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