Lightbulb Green House

unikatissima Lightbulb Green House

I found this tutorial on how to make a mini greenhouse from lightbulbs via art for housewives.
Somehow I don’t know how to cram the big plant into the small light.
Perhaps I better stick to the lightbulb window vase ;-)

At instructables: Lightbulb Green House
via art for housewives
via Tutorial: come costruire una minuscola serra in una lampadina (italian)

Here at unikatissima: Light Bulb Window Vase

Rolling Pin Prints

unikatissima Rolling Pin Prints

I found a tutorial on how to print with a rolling pin.
The idea is really great.

I couldn’t try it yet, but when I will, I want to try it with those ready-bought fun foam shapes.

The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Rolling Pin Prints
Rolling Pin Prints

Wire Frame Bracelet

Belinda Spiwak Wire Frame Bracelet

I always like to browse art-e-zine. There I found the tutorial for the wire frame bracelet.

I find it beautiful!
On the same site further down is a tutorial for very expressive pendants – I really must try them one day!

At art-e-zine: Wire Frame Bracelet

Laminated Stamps Necklace

Once more a tutorial from craftster: how to make a beautiful necklace from laminated stamps.

I find it looks great and you can making matching necklaces for all purposes.
I’m amazed (as I am so often when browsing craftster :))

At craftster: Laminated Stamps Necklace (Interchangable Stamp/Trinket Necklace)

Crocheted Bottle Cap Hot Plate

tipnut Bottle Cap Crochet Plate

I found a tutorial from the end-50s that I find funny: Bottle Cap Crochet.
Personally I find the shapes of the hot plates a little too vintage, but one can always create another shape.
The only problem I see is that in our supermarket all bottle caps are made from plastic ;-) Perhaps then better a bottlecap pincushion? ;-)

Bottle Cap Crochet

Here at unikatissima:
Bottlecap Pincushion