Plastic Bottle Box

greenupgrader Soda Bottle Coin Purse

Yesterday we cut a plastic bottle to make a knitting loom, today we can make a box from the cut off bottom of the bottle.
It’s not a real instruction, but when you look closely at the photos you can see that the plastic bottoms are perforated at the edge and that a zipper is sewn into the holes.

Addendum: There are instructions now, you can find the English ones here (thanks, Nina).

Plastic Bottle Box (recycled box/Recycling Box)
English instructions
German instructions

I’ve seen the photo and found it time-consuming to find the source:
I found the link to the plastic bottle box:
via Need More Fiber,
via Dollar Store Crafts (they have more great ideas!),
via greenUPGRADER,
I thought that I’d never reach an end ;-))

By the way I suggest to take a look a the flickr group TRASHION NATION, they also have great ideas!

Vinyl Record Bracelets

craftster Vinyl Record Bracelets

I’ve often seen bowls made from old vinyl records, but I find the bracelets from vinyl records nevertheless special.

Even so I won’t make none because I won’t be able to ‘batter’ the vinyl records like that ;-)

At craftster: Vinyl Record Bracelets

Carpet Sample Crafts

unikatissima Carpet Sample Crafts

I found something new to collect: carpet samples!
What for? For instance for a rocking chair, a pet house or a fancy vase.
Simply take a look at Ample Sample Ample Sample (scroll down to 2008 winners).
And the best of all: For all those things they offer instructions.
Crazy! ;-))

Ample Sample Winners
Tutorial moved to: Ample Sample Winners => scroll down to 2008 winners

Papier-mâché Faux Bois

poopscape Papier-mache Faux Bois

I’ve seen several paper maché objects, but jars looking like stumps are still something special to me.
Something especially cute ;-))

I’m not totally sure that I should make them myself ;-), but I liked them so much that I wanted to present them here.

Furthermore I didn’t know this paper maché preparation, I really like to give a try some day.

Papier-mâché Faux Bois
via One Pretty Thing

Felting Buttons

unikatissima Felting Buttons

I presented already several tutorials with the subject ‘felting’ but I always discover more that I find brilliant and where I would never have had the idea myself.
One of them is the idea to felt buttons (German with good explaining photos).


unikatissima Felting Buttons I have lots of old buttons and as you can see on the photo not all look very nice.

I like the felted button much better, even though it was nothing but a first test.
I think that I could even embroider it, just like the needle felted bead cabochons and the bottlecap pincushions.

Felting Buttons (Knöpfe umfilzen) (German with good explaining photos)
via faserfimmel

Descriptions of embroidery stitches (English)
Descriptions of embroidery stitches (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Entries with the subject ‘felting’
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