Paper Mache Bowl

unikatissima Papermache Bowl

Again I found a tutorial for making paper bowls. I found the bowls nice but not the way I wanted them.
Therefore I glued three, four layers of white tissue paper on using wallpaper glue – the ‘quite normal’ paper mache technique.
I really like this bowl, although I should possibly paint it.

(another) tutorial on how to make paper bowls (magazine bowl)

Here at unikatissima:


Lightbulb Green House

unikatissima Lightbulb Green House

I found this tutorial on how to make a mini greenhouse from lightbulbs via art for housewives.
Somehow I don’t know how to cram the big plant into the small light.
Perhaps I better stick to the lightbulb window vase ;-)

At instructables: Lightbulb Green House
via art for housewives
via Tutorial: come costruire una minuscola serra in una lampadina (italian)

Here at unikatissima: Light Bulb Window Vase

Rolling Pin Prints

unikatissima Rolling Pin Prints

I found a tutorial on how to print with a rolling pin.
The idea is really great.

I couldn’t try it yet, but when I will, I want to try it with those ready-bought fun foam shapes.

The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Rolling Pin Prints
Rolling Pin Prints