Light Bulb Window Vase

Light Bulb Window Vase

I really liked the idea of making a little window vase out of a recycled light bulb (for tutorials see Links below).
And I had to try it myself ;-))
On the photo you see my first attempt. I wrapped it with paper maché and have not yet formed a wire to hold it. And as I made the photo, I had no flower either ;-)
So I took one of my crocheted flowers and – voilà ;-)

Light Bulb Window Vase

instructables: Light Bulb Vase

Artist Book


As mentioned before in the entry about paper beads, I once created an artist book.

Step Outside Your Box Saturdays posted this week a challenge about books and I thought it an opportunity to show my artist book ‘blickkontakt’ (which means ‘eye contact’).

I wanted ‘blickkontakt’ to give the viewer many surprises to discover and created therefore several windows and fold-outs.
The pages were created from cardboard and covered in hand-stained papers. Then I stamped, embroidered, tape transfered, sketched, scribbled and glued.

Enjoy the pictures
(Click thumbnails to see photos)

Artist-Book The cover with the round medaillon in its ‘pocket’. Along the spine I let hang the threads with the paper beads.


Artist-Book Still the cover, but this time showing the backside of the round medaillon.


Artist-Book Pages 1 & 2: You see the eye through a round window, the spirals are hand-embroidered, the little altered slide can be put into the lace pocket.


Artist-Book Pages 3 & 4: The images are tape transfered, the flourishes are hand-embroidered.


Artist-Book Pages 5 & 6: I stamped, wove paper, embroidered, crocheted. The dark circle is a free swinging altered bottle cap, the semicircle on the left upper side is a fold-out, where I glued a hand-beaded star.
(Unfortunately the tape transfers gleam so, that you can’t see their motif.)


Artist-Book Pages 7 & 8: I cut two little round windows into the right page.
The raffia forms a little pocket, where I put a transparent tape transfer tag.


Artist-Book Pages 9 & 10: Stamping, tape transfers, embroidered spirals, fold-outs, hand-stained crochet flower and hand-made bead fringe.


Artist-Book The verso with tape transfers, stamps and a ringlet from a fake hairpiece.


I created more artist books, if you like to see them, take a look at Art.

If you want to create your own (Altered or Artist) Book, you may want to take a look at the following links (the list is far from complete!):

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Some of the used techniques:
Paper staining
Tea Staining Your Art Journal Pages
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Image Transfer Techniques:
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Here at unikatissima:
Paper Beads

Self-made Lamp

Self-made Lamp

This isn’t a real instruction but more of an inspiration. At Atelier Verena you can follow a class about recycling. At her website, Atelier Verena describes how to make your own recycled lamp (last item on page): glue two terracotta pots together, wrap them with fabric, use some fabric stiffener and paint it with acrylic colour.
I haven’t done it yet, but I think that you also can wrap the glued pots with paper mache or plaster of paris and do some kind of collage or decoupage or glueing interesting tissues an it and so forth.

Self-made Lamp (last item on page)

Paper Matchbox Slide Box

Paper Matchbox Slide Box

I love those little boxes suitable for little gifts. So I was delighted founding instructions on how to fold an Origami one and made one immediatly. It was done with wrappings from dark chocolate which was completely adequate for the one who got the little box ;-))

Paper Matchbox Slide Box

CD or DVD Storage ‘Book’

CD or DVD Storage ‘Book’

Most of us have lots of CDs and/or DVDs to put somewhere we can find them back. I don’t especially like the CD cases from the point of view of their looks. Such a CD book can be so much more kitschy than every CD case can be ;-) (although some try hard ;-)))

Instructables – “The World’s Biggest DIY & How To Show & Tell”
CD or DVD Storage ‘Book’