Modular Rectangular Box

Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Modular Rectangular Box

I find those rectangular folded boxes absolutely great!

Unfortunately I discovered them too late, but if you haven’t begun yet (oops! ;-)), they are great for an Advent calendar, too ;-)
But take your time, I once made an Advent calendar from similar, but square boxes (instructions from a book) and it took foreeever to finish it.
I use it nearly every year though and it is still beautiful ;-)

And apart from that you can still use them for the Christmas gifts, I think that it would look wonderful, too :)

Modular Rectangular Box , Version A

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Modern Advent Wreath

Recyclart Modern Advent Wreath

Ok, ok, this ‘tealight holder’ isn’t meant as Advent wreath, where you light a(nother) candle every Advent Sunday but it would fit very well, wouldn’t it?
Perhaps one should lay some evergreen boughs aside… ;-))


unikatissima Steckdose I tried it with one of our multiple sockets and it simply didn’t look good because I couldn’t insert the tealight deep enough into the sockets because of the noses inside, so I will go back to a traditional Advent wreath this year again ;-)

Modern Advent Wreath (Light up)

If you want to know more about Advent wreaths in Germany and perhaps even want to make one yourself, check out Christmas Craft Projects – Advent Wreath and How to Make Natural Green Wreaths on the same site.

Socks Necklace

flickr tabychan Socks Necklace

Na, doesn’t this sock necklace look great?! ;-)

And about the advent calendar: you can insert here easily little paper strips into the socks just as for the simple spool advent calendar and wham!, ready is your advent calendar ;-))

So, that’ve been the advent calendar ideas for this year, now you may begin…

socks necklace
More photos of recycled socks of tabychan

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Paper Bag Advent Calendar

craftastica Paper Bag Advent Calendar

I really like this advent calendar, too, especially because it’s done from recycled paper.
And it has lots of place for chocolaaaade! ;-))

Have you still got some Christmas gift wrapping? That can be used here, too.

I will show tomorrow another idea that can be used as advent calendar even if it’s not at all meant as one ;-))


Paper Bag Advent Calendar (recycle bin advent calendar)

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Metal Tin Advent Calendar

Splitcoaststampers Metal Tin Advent Calendar

Ok, today again something with quasi boxes: the advent calendar from and with metal tins.
Looks also good, doesn’t it?
In principle you can make it with matchboxes in place of the metal tins, but then it would look quite ‘normal’.

On the following two days I will present more advent calendar ideas, then you may begin ;-))

Metal Tin Advent Calendar (Advent Calendar)

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Simple Spool Advent Calendar

Just Something I Made Simple Spool Advent Calendars

I must say that I really like this advent calendar.
It’s something different for a change from all those little boxes.

And if you’re taking tiny ones you can bead the spools after Christmas ;-))

Don’t forget, I will present more advent calendar ideas this week!

Simple Spool Advent Calendars

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Beaded Wooden Spools

Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

ArtMind Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

It’s about time to make an advent calendar.
What about a self-made scratch off lottery ticket advent calendar?

Before beginning better wait a little, I will present more advent calendar ideas this week.
And check out the advent calendar instructions from last year, also ;-)


How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?

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Paperless Origami

unikatissima Paperless Origami

If you’re folding origami figures they often come undone, are collapsing or sagging.
That’s especially vexing if they were meant to be a holiday decoration.
But now I found a very good solution to avoid sagging origami figures: fold the origami figures from fusible interfacing.
I must say that I find the photos of the tutorial persuasive.
Something more to try one day ;-))
(P.S.: On the photo you can see my iron for a start, I still have to purchase fusible interfacing ;-))

Paperless Origami