Buy Nothing Day

unikatissima Buy Nothing Day

Today is Buy Nothing Day.

I found it via the Buy Nothing Swap thread which I found browsing the craftster Swap Galleries and where I found the gallery of the Buy Nothing Swap and the Buy Nothing Swap Round 2 ;-)

I want to see if I can’t realize the idea behind in some small ways it in the following year :)

Buy Nothing Day

At craftster:
Buy Nothing Swap thread

Swap Galleries:
Buy Nothing Swap
Buy Nothing Swap Round 2

A Mailable Mosaic

unikatissima Mailable Mosaic

An advent calendar doesn’t always have to be a lot of filled boxes, why not simply mailing a card a day?
It is more exciting for the recipient if the cards put together form a poster.
Photojojo shows how to make a poster with 24 cards from a photo. I think that you can also use a self-designed Christmas card for an advent calendar.
And on the back you can write a nice, amusing or inspiring aphorism (apart from the address ;-)).

Bei Photojojo: How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic

Google search result for ‘aphorism’
Google search result for ‘aphorismus’

Here at unikatissima: Boxes not only for the advent calendar

Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

craftster Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

Actually I wanted to present fillings for the advent calendar this week, but this Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub which is described as ‘smelling really yummy’ won’t presumably not fit into the boxes ;-)
But you can put at least a gift coupon into the advent calendar.

It is absolutely on my somewhen-I-will-make-it-list ;-)

At craftster: Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub
More entries about cosmetics at the craftster Bath & Beauty forum

Here at unikatissima: Boxes not only for the advent calendar

Edible Snowflakes

unikatissima Edible Snowflakes

Something else for an advent calendar: Edible Snowflakes.
You only take ready-made tortillas and cut snowflakes.

Edible Snowflakes

Cutting snowflakes:
Google search result for ‘paper snowflake instructions’
Google image search result for ‘paper snowflake instructions’

Google search result for ‘anleitung papier schneeflocke’
Google image search result for ‘anleitung papier schneeflocke’

Edible Stucco

haus Edible Stucco

Yesterday I presented boxes, today I have something you can put into: edible stucco.
To make it you buy molds for making stucco from plaster and fill them with sweet stuff.
On the photo they present a marzipan stucco element, but I’m sure that it works as well with chocolate.
As a matter of course the mold has to be unused and therefore neat and clean.

Edible Stucco (German)

Here at unikatissima: Boxes not only for the advent calendar

Curved Box not only for an Advent Calendar

unikatissima Teabag Box

Once I browsed flickr and found the Teabag Problem Box. He called it this way because some teas are packed in such boxes.
But what I liked best is the the fact that he ‘offers’ the creasing pattern directly (see links below).

On the photo you can see my first try. I burned some CD’s and used the paper where you write what’s on the CD and that I usually throw away for this box.
I think it’s not too bad for a first try ;-)
They can easily be used for an advent calendar.

I looked further for boxes usable for advent calendars and found the following:

At flickr: Teabag Problem Box

At The Fitful Flog: PDF file with the creasing pattern (ca. 10 KB)
Check also the Model Menu

More boxes that can be used in advent calendars:

And here at unikatissima:

Furthermore there are links on how to decorate in the entry Pattern Paper.

And what can you put into the boxes?
Here at unikatissima:

This week I will present more possible fillings.

Make your own pralines

craftster Coconut Kiss

I’m beginning to think about making an advent calendar.
This time I’d like to wrap some self-made pralines which is the reason that I searched for recipes.
Wow! Again there exist gazillions of links, you can find some links below.
On the photo you see a ‘Coconut Kiss’, the recipe can be found at craftster. It seems to be simple and delicious, I put it on my list ;-)

At craftster (these are the links I’m interested in, there are much more!):
Traditional brazilian sweets part II: “Coconut kiss” – “Beijinho de coco”
Fudgie-Crispie Ball Things
Sugar-spiced walnuts recipe

Onkel Heinz Pralinenmacher (German)

Google search result for ‘praline recipe’ (viz. mostly recipes in English)
Google search result for ‘praline rezept’ (viz. mostly recipes in German)