Stamped Appliqués

Stamped Appliques

Many of us have lots of beautiful stamps (some are self-carved, even from photos). Many have stamped not only on paper but also on fabric.
Nevertheless the idea of making stamped appliqués stroke me.


The tutorial is in German, but that is what she does in short:

  1. Stamp on fabric, best on smooth fabric on a rigid board.
  2. Heat set the colour by ironing the stamped fabric.
  3. To stabilize use iron-on backing or sew a zig-zag around.
  4. Cut the stamp close to it’s rim with good scissors (it’s called ‘narrow edged’ I think).

Great, isn’t it?

Making Appliqués with Stamps (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps
Photo Stamps

Notebook Purse

Notebook Purse

I love those book purses, although I haven’t made any yet (up until now I’m only collecting links to tutorials ;-)).
At I found a tutorial on how to make a really cute notebook purse that I had to put immediately on my to-do list.


Links: my preferred craft forum
Notebook Purse

Freeform Embroidery

Freeform Embroidery - Freeform Sticken

On the photo you see my idea of Freeform Embroidery which was highly inspired by ‘Rock Pool’ and ‘Laying It On The Line’.

I used a piece of old (but clean! ;-)) bedsheet as base. First I laid some worsted and funky yarns on it which I fixed with couching stitches (at the top of the photo). Then I stitched some french knots (light yellow on the photo). Below is my first attempt at ply-split braiding which I fixed with some couching stitches too.

It is one of my many UFOs (‘unfinished objects’), but one day I will come back to it ;-)

Inspirations: ‘Rock Pool’ / ‘Laying It On The Line’

English Embroidery Stitch Diagrams
Deutsche Stickstichbeschreibungen

Couching stitches (English)
Couching stitches (German)

French knots (English)
French knots (German)

Ply-split Braiding: a (very) short description and resources
PDF Ply-split tutorials by Peter Collingwood (scroll down)

Fabric from Plastic Bags

Fabric from Plastic Bags

What you see here ist a Makeup bag made entirely from plastic bag fabric that I found on The one who made the bag links to the tutorial on how to make sewable fabric from plastic bags.
Once I tried this technique but it didn’t work as supposed. I think I put my iron at a too high temperature. Or possibly the bags I tried to fuse were made from different plastics and therefore incompatible.
I will try it again – one day soon ;-)

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Makeup bag made entirely from plastic bag fabric
Make sewable fabric from plastic bags