Textured Scrapbook Page

HelloFanny Textured Scrapbook Page

Isn’t this section of a textured scrapbook page beautiful?!
I’d also like it as card or as wall art :)


Textured Scrapbook Page (je me mets au vert…) (French)

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Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross

etsy TurquoiseTrailCross Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross

I find the recycled jewelry wall cross a wonderful example for mixed media assemblage, the assembly of different things to a new artwork :)


The original site does still exist at the moment, but not forever, you can see it also via webarchive: Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross (TurquoiseTrailCross “Jingle” Wall Cross Hand Decorated with Vintage Jewelry / Assemblage / Repurposed / Upcycled Treasures)