String Art for Cards

Its Me JD String Art for Cards

I have already presented stuff about string art and card and even with both, e.g. the string art card and the
Starburst card.
Nevertheless I’d like to present the string art for cards, too, because I find it also great :)


String Art for Cards (DIY String Art Tutorial for Cards and Paper Crafts)

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String Art Card
Starburst Card

Embroidered Mandala

instructables Louissia Embroidered Mandala

I have already presented several mandalas, but not yet an embroidered mandala :)
This here is made with machine embroidery and laser-cut wood, but I imagine that a hand embroidered mandala with cardboard frame would look as beautiful :)


Embroidered Mandala (Rainbow Mandala Embroidery)

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Business Card Holder

youtube Kreative Cube Business Card Holder

After the business card holder, the notes hedgehog, the other business card holder and the phone book letter holder another similar ‘device’: the business card holder ;-)


Business Card Holder (Make Your Own Cool and Unique Business Card Holder Display Stand | Kreative Cube) (video)
via: CooL DIY Business Card Stand
=> step-by-step instructions and picture from here

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Business Card Holder
Notes Hedgehog
Business Card Holder
Phone Book Letter Holder