Little Macramé Helpers

MicroMacrame by Raquel Little Macrame Helper

The Kumihimo disk is only one of several little macramé helpers that I find a great idea to keep apart the threads at macramé or braiding :)
You can also use your own Kumihimo disk ;-)


Little Macramé Helper (How do I keep the working threads looking taut and tidy)
via: trucos #macrame

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Finger Knitted Bracelets

V and Co Finger Knitted Bracelets

I somehow like bracelets ;-)
I find best at these finger knitted bracelets that the tutorial shows finger knitted bracelets made with a different number of fingers.

You can make of course (more or less) similar bracelets with fingerloop or Kumihimo.
And I also wrote already about making t-shirt yarn :)


Finger Knitted Bracelets (V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet)
via: Teen craft

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T-Shirt Yarn

Braided Bracelet

How Joyful Braided Bracelet

I find the braided bracelet here really great :)
And take also a look at the other braided bracelets I presented here before ;-)


Braided Bracelet (Joyful braided bracelet tutorial)
via: DIY :: Wrap bracelet

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Braided Bracelet

The Scrap Shoppe Braided Bracelet

I presented some braided bracelets before, here’s another cute braided bracelet :)
I like best the idea to simply braid in everything that matches.
And if you still have material over you can easily make matching tassel earrings or mini bracelets as rings or pendants or even whole necklaces.
I must go and see what lays around here somewhere…


Eclectic Braided Bracelet
via: Let’s Make Braided Jewelry Tutorials

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7 Strand Plarn Rope

instructables DrPeper 7 Strand Plarn Rope

I find this 7 strand plarn rope great: I tried it and it is very easy braiding and really strong.
I also tried it with yarn from my stash and the cord looked also good.
There’s no photo because I find the colour combination dreadful – it’s just been a quick try ;-))

And if you don’t need plarn cord, look for other ‘uses’ of plarn ;-)


7 Strand Plarn Rope (Useful & Durable 7 Strand Rope (cord) from Plastic Shopping Bags)

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