Square Origami Box

Gathering Beauty Square Origami Box

unikatissima Advent Calendar


This is my most prefered square origami box, at the right you see my Advent calendar that I made with the boxes :)
It would also be a nice box for a gift for Valentine’s Day :)


Square Origami Box (Diy Square Origami Box.)
via: Make this simple DIY Square Origami Box with an interlocking lid quickly out of a single sheet of paper.

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Origami Box with Compartments

Paper Kawaii Chrissy Pk Origami Box with Compartments

The origami box with compartments is called a pill box, but I can imagine a lot more stuff to put into, how about little beads – or pralinés? ;-)


Origami Box with Compartments (Origami Pill Box / Organizer Video Tutorial)
via: Origami Pill Box / Organizer Video Tutorial…

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Origami Seed Flower

Upcycled Design Lab Blog Origami Seed Flower

I find the Origami seed flowers a nice gift for people who don’t like winter and who already wait for spring to come. You can put spring flower seeds for them into the flower :)


Origami Seed Flower (Upcycled Junk Mail Seed Bouquets Tutorial)

Tag-Shaped Eraser Stamps

Creature Comforts Tag-Shaped Eraser Stamps

An eraser stamp again, this time a tag-shaped eraser stamp, great for personal, easy and quick gift tags :)


Tag-Shaped Eraser Stamps (DIY Tag-Shaped Stamps Two Ways)
via: Tag-shaped stamps
via: 17 DIY Stationery Projects That Will Make You Want To Write A Letter – 11. Cute tagged envelopes.
via: 17 DIY Stationery Projects That Will Make You Want To Write A Letter

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Elk Advent Calendar

DaWanda KuschelICH Elk Advent Calendar

I know that I am a little late for an Advent calendar but I have just found the elk Advent calendar and didn’t want to keep it from you because I find it really cute ;-)
Additionally you can use similar wrappings as (Christmas) gift wrappings :)


Elk Advent Calendar (DIY ☆ Adventskalender ☆ Elch ☆ Bastelset ☆ Rentier) (German)

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Stamped Gift Ribbon

Creature Comforts Stamped Gift Ribbon

What a great idea: take normal gift ribbon and stamp simple patterns on and ta-daa! – stamped gift ribbon :)
I find that it looks super!

Should you need inspiration for eraser stamps, take a look here in the blog.


Stamped Gift Ribbon (Eraser Stamp Carving – Part II)

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Rose Garden Gift of Money

Die Raumfee Rose Garden Money Gift

Gifts of money have a bad reputation, but if you want to please someone who’s wish is a trip to English gardens, you can give him money in the form of a Rose garden gift of money – by the way, the banknotes are coiled up and integrated into the fence.
Isn’t it beautiful? :)

Thanks, Brigitte, for the link!


Rose Garden Gift of Money (I (never) promised you a rose garden.) (German)