Braided Bracelet with Beads

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Recently I saw a woman in the underground wearing a bracelet that I liked.
It looked quite easy and after trying it I noticed that it is ;-)


That’s what you do:
unikatissima Braided Bracelet with Beads Knot seven threads together and fix somewhere.
String beads on the middle thread and part the other six threads in two strands.
Note: I used some cotton crochet thread for the test because I didn’t have no beads to be strung on heavier yarn.


unikatissima Braided Bracelet with Beads Braid the three strands just like you’d do with your hair.
Make sure that the threads of the strands made of several threads lay neatly side by side.
As for the middle thread let lay a bead between the other strands at every braid.


Braid until you reached the desired length for a bracelet or a necklace and add a matching closure at both ends (links to closures see below).

The bracelet I’ve seen was made of hemp or the like, but I think that it would look great with fine leather strings, too.
As well I guess that one could use different sized beads and of course you can omit the beads.

Google search results for the making of closures:
Google search result for ‘bracelet closure’
Google image search result for ‘bracelet closure’

Google search result for ‘armband verschluss anleitung’
Google image search result for ‘armband verschluss anleitung’

Moroccan Purse

britishorigami Martin Wall Moroocon Purse

I always like looking for Origami tutorials and this time I’d like to present a tutorial for a little purse.
I know those purses from former times, they were made from leather. I had one, and soon I will make one from paper ;-)
Thinking about it, it must look great, if you use coloured magazine paper?! I have to try this.

Moroccan Purse

The link has been changed:
Moroccan Purse

Faux Leather Background

Faux Leather Background

I decorated the self-made candle holder on the photo with the Faux Leather Background technique and found it great. This technique can as well be used when making cards.
On the net I found different tutorials on how to make Faux Leather Backgrounds using the masking tape technique. One of them is the tutorial on the Faux Leather Masking Tape Background Technique by Trish Bayley.
A very good german tutorial can be found at artefaktotum at ‘Techniken’ – click ‘Faux leather’ there.

Trish Bayley: an Art Blog with among other things an interesting technique zone
Faux Leather Background Technique

artefaktotum: The website of an dedicated stamper, with great tutorials (in German)
artefaktotum’s techniques overview (see ‘Faux leather’ there)