Papermaché Pebbles

flickr MIETTE Papermache Pebbles

A great idea: to make papermaché pebbles as jewelry pendants!
The jewelry is lighter than with real pebbles and you don’t have to hollow out rocks ;-)


Papermaché Pebbles (pebbles ultra light)

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Paper Pendant

etsy paperiaarre Paper Pendant

I find this very nice: a paper pendant made from an old book.
I guess that it was made similarly to the jewelry from stacked paper.


Paper Pendant (Botanical Necklace – Scheuchzeria palustris)

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Jewelry from Stacked Paper

Jewelry from Stacked Paper

instructables artfulann Jewelry from Stacked Paper

I presented lots of paper jewelry before.
I really like in this jewelry from stacked paper that you simply stack several layers of previously cut paper shapes. This way it gets the strength of paper mache and can get nevertheless a very precise shape.


Stacked Paper Jewelry

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Golden Rock Earrings

Hello Hydrangea Golden Rock Earrings

Don’t these very simple earrings, apparently being made from gilded little stones, look great?
I can imagine them also be made from gilded paper maché, then they’re lighter and what is more you could make a large matching pin :)


Golden Rock Earrings (Giveaway: Muck – a – Duck)