Faux Flower Necklace

My White idea Faux Flower Necklace

Faux flower necklace means in this case ‘artificial flower necklace’.
If you’d rather make jewelry with real flowers, you may want to look for the fresh flower jewelry and the fresh flower ring :)


Faux Flower Necklace (FLOWER NECKLACE HEADBAND DIY) (Spanish and English)
via: Flower Necklace- Headband DIY

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Fresh Flower Jewelry
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Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry

Beadazzle Me Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry

The nature polymer clay jewelry is pretty much the same than the nature polymer clay pendants and I wanted to present it again because I like it so much :)


Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry (Polymer Clay Free Tutorial: Making a mold using Weeds, Flowers, & Pods)

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Nature Polymer Clay Pendants