Hanging Vases with Beads

Pretty Handy Girl Hanging Vases with Beads

I find these hanging vases with beads really nice!

If you like them, too, you may also find the previously presented light bulb window vases, bead and wire wall vases and beaded bottles nice.
(Why should it be easier for you to decide between a lot of beautiful things than for me? ;-))


Hanging Vases with Beads (Hanging Beaded Glass Flower Vases)

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Light Bulb Window Vase
Bead and Wire Wall Vase
Beaded Bottle

Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations

Tuts tutorials Mette Jakobsen Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations

These spirograph Easter egg decorations look real three dimensional, don’t they?
In fact they are ‘only’ painted paper on wire.
I find them really nice! :)

By the way, if you are at spirograph painting: I have here in the blog more ideas on the subject of spirograph ;-)


Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations (How to Make Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations)

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