Magic Ball

Knitters Review Magic Ball

I wrote about leftover needlework before, however I find the magic ball, a yarn skein from yarn rests knotted together, so great that I wanted to mention it again.

It doesn’t matter there whether you knit it or crochet it or both, it looks greatnearly every time. Some use it for freeform work, some crochet only half double crochets or knit in stockinette or garter stitch.
I think it would also look great if you used the magic ball for weaving.

Many people like the loose ends to be seen, in the instruction someone even suggested to add beads on the tails, which have to be long enogh for this (entry of mbriz).

Magic Ball (Tips and Tricks: Magic Ball Knitting)

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Bobbin Holder

craftster Bobbin Holder

Ok, ok, today is Saint Nicholas, but here the show is already over, the boot wasn’t only filled but emptied already and life goes on.

And to let it go on neatly (at least concerning sewing) the bobbin holders from spiral binders can help ;-))
So in case that you still have to sew something for Christmas everything should go more easily now :)

Bobbin Holder (Bevy of Bobbins- corral your unruly bobbin thread! Pics, too!)

Saint Nicholas – Celebration in Central Europe

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Center Pull Yarn Ball

Center Pull Yarn Ball

As I said before, I mostly knit/crochet with the yarn end that sits in the skein to prevent the skein to roll all over.
Sometimes I must roll my yarn ball myself and I found that the tutorial on how to make my own center pull yarn ball is really a help.
It works great!


Center Pull Yarn Ball

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