Self-made Chocolate Bark

Suburban Simplicity Self-made Chocolate Bark

This self-made chocolate bark is similar to the colourful candy and is made for Easter, but with other ingredients you can make it also for Valentine’s Day, Advent or simply as gift occasionally, can’t you? :)


Self-made Chocolate Bark (Easter Oreo Bark That’s Super Easy!)
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Scrabble Tile Coaster

Kix Cereal Scrabble Tile Coaster

I nearly couldn’t believe it, but I really have not yet presented a tutorial where Scrabble tiles play a part!
So here is the first: the Scrabble tile coaster ;-)
And I find it nice, too :)


Scrabble Tile Coaster (5 Scrabble Tile DIY Gifts)
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Flower Breakfast

Hungry Happenings Flower Breakfast

The flower breakfast is meant for Mother’s Day following the tutorial, but I find that you can make it for every beloved person. And it is even richer than the edible bouquet and the strawberry roses :)


Flower Breakfast (Mother’s Day breakfast in Bed)
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Hanging Vase from Ornament

Creme de la Craft Hanging Vase from Ornament

I have presented already several hanging vases, but none has been a hanging vase from an ornament yet, in fact a Christmas tree ornament :)


Hanging Vase from Ornament (Hanging Vases from Ornaments)
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