Knitted Christmas Tree

BBC Knitted Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree really impressed me: a lot of people knitted in total more than 2000 simple green leaves which form the tree.
After Christmas the tree will be dismantled and the leaves will be sewn together to make blankets for elderly people.
That’s what I call recycling ;-)


Knitted Christmas Tree (Lancashire community knit Christmas tree)
There is the link to Knitting a Happy Christmas in Poulton

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament

The Best FREE Crafts Articles Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament

Ok, we’ve been a little late with the Advent calendars, this must not happen with Christmas tree ornaments ;-)
So here’s a beaded Christmas tree ornament, matching the other beaded ornaments :)


Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament (FREE Beaded Bauble Tutorial From Julia Camilleri of Julia’s Place Blog)

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Cookie Advent Calendar

uVinyl Cookie Advent Calendar

Well, this is the last Advent calendar for this year ;-)
But the cookie Advent calendar is so different – and so quick ;-)) – that I really wanted to present it ;-)

If you don’t have an Advent calendar yet, but still some time, look here for some more Advent calendars ;-)


How to Make a Cookie Advent Calendar

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