Paperless Origami

unikatissima Paperless Origami

If you’re folding origami figures they often come undone, are collapsing or sagging.
That’s especially vexing if they were meant to be a holiday decoration.
But now I found a very good solution to avoid sagging origami figures: fold the origami figures from fusible interfacing.
I must say that I find the photos of the tutorial persuasive.
Something more to try one day ;-))
(P.S.: On the photo you can see my iron for a start, I still have to purchase fusible interfacing ;-))

Paperless Origami

Buy Nothing Day

unikatissima Buy Nothing Day

Today is Buy Nothing Day.

I found it via the Buy Nothing Swap thread which I found browsing the craftster Swap Galleries and where I found the gallery of the Buy Nothing Swap and the Buy Nothing Swap Round 2 ;-)

I want to see if I can’t realize the idea behind in some small ways it in the following year :)

Buy Nothing Day

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A Mailable Mosaic

unikatissima Mailable Mosaic

An advent calendar doesn’t always have to be a lot of filled boxes, why not simply mailing a card a day?
It is more exciting for the recipient if the cards put together form a poster.
Photojojo shows how to make a poster with 24 cards from a photo. I think that you can also use a self-designed Christmas card for an advent calendar.
And on the back you can write a nice, amusing or inspiring aphorism (apart from the address ;-)).

Bei Photojojo: How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic

Google search result for ‘aphorism’
Google search result for ‘aphorismus’

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Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

craftster Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

Actually I wanted to present fillings for the advent calendar this week, but this Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub which is described as ‘smelling really yummy’ won’t presumably not fit into the boxes ;-)
But you can put at least a gift coupon into the advent calendar.

It is absolutely on my somewhen-I-will-make-it-list ;-)

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