Button Jewelry

craftster Button Jewelry

I find this ring so beautiful: just a little wire and two buttons.
It matches well the button necklace or the button collage necklace and to tell the truth I also like the other rings
Again I don’t know where to begin ;-)

Button Jewelry (Jumping on the Button Bandwagon!)

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Ladder Rings

unikatissima Ladder Ring

I found the Ladder Rings where they added a link to the (free) instruction. But you have to register there and I don’t like this.
So I figured out how I would do it and that’s what I came up with (it may be that their instruction is completely different):


That’s what you do:

unikatissima Ladder Ring
You need two sizes of beads which are to be linked as seen in the diagram.
If you’re ready it doesn’t look very good because there are really gaps between the little beads as in the diagram.


unikatissima Ladder Ring
That’s why you pull the thread once more through all little beads – the ring is finished.


unikatissima Ladder Ring Caution: The second step tightens the ring considerably.
I made my first ring much too narrow because I didn’t know that it gets smaller in the second step.
Unfortunately I can’t say how much.

At the second try I did it differently: I repeated the first step until I thought that it should be enough, then I pulled the thread through the little beads on one side and tried if the ring fits.
It didn’t, so I pulled out the thread from the little beads, repeated the first step two more times and then it was right.

Ladder Rings

Wire Wrapped Pebble Pendant

unikatissima Wire Wrapped Pebble Pendant

I saw the instruction about how to make wire wrapped marble earrings and found it great.

But 1. I’d find real marbles too heavy in my ears and 2. I didn’t have any ;-)
So I took a pebble and wrapped it with the same technique with common anodised garden wire.
I think that it is suitable as jewelry only to a limited extent, because I think that the wire does not give a comfortable feeling on the skin. But on the other hand I can say that I can really recommend the instruction ;-))

Wire Wrapped Marble Earrings (Tutorial Wire wrap alla Kitica) – simply click the thumbnail

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French Flower Beading

craftster French Beaded Flower Jewelry

Recently I’ve seen these fantastic beaded flowers at craftster.
Usually I’m not one for beaded flowers but I find these so beautiful.
The thread is no tutorial and it seems that she hasn’t written one yet (I’d say that she don’t want to) but somewhere in the comments they mention a basic tutorial for French flower beading that I found great at first sight.

Perhaps soon;-)

At craftster:
French Flower Beading
Other threads of the same author, some of them show French flower beading, too

French Flower Beading – Basic Technique

Fringed Buttons

unikatissima Fringed Button

I found the fringed buttons very nice. But they are done with ready-made fringes which I don’t have at home.


unikatissima Fringed Button Therefore I made a kind of pom-pom from wool rests and put my button inside there and although I find the button awful kitschy I quite like the combination ;-))


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Buttons Of course you can as well tuck a Crazy Daisy under the button ;-))


Fringe-y Goodness

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Wire Wrapped Ring

mcfarlanddesigns Wire Wrapped Ring

I already presented several tutorials for rings and the wire wrapped ring wire wrapped ring matches great.
I find it beautiful.

If you don’t have a ring mandrel to wrap the wire around you can possibly use the solid paper roll from the woven ring.

I’m still determined not to buy some wire, too.
We will see how long I hold out ;-)

‘Rosette’ Wire Wrapped Ring

Tutorial moved to: ‘Rosette’ Wire Wrapped Ring

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Woven Ring for the solid paper roll
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Crazy Daisy Ring

unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring

After having played around with Crazy Daisies (see links below) I found out that you can make a ring from them very easily.


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring You take a Crazy Daisy (instructions see links below) and attach a ring ;-)


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring In this case I made and attached a simple, single-coloured Kumihimo strap from the same yarn I used for the Crazy Daisy.
I could have used a simple wire ring, similar to the River Troll Ring, a woven ring, a macramé ring similar to the Beaded Macramé Bracelet, a fingerlooped ring, a crocheted or knitted ring, a simple beaded ring, a Peyote Ring, etc etc etc ;-))

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Beaded Macramé Bracelet


unikatissima Actinia Wristwarmers

Once I saw the Worm Scarf and having read the instruction for the ‘worms’ I thought that you can knit great fringes this way.
I begun with wristwarmers and after having finished them they looked like the sea anemones called Actinia.

Then I was hooked and knitted an Actinia headband, an Actinia ring and an Actinia brooch (see pictures below).
It is soooo much fun ;-)

And for all this items I wrote a tutorial. You can find the link below at the links.


unikatissima Actinia Headband This is the headband.
It is just possible that there are slightly too much fringes!?


unikatissima Actinia Ring My Actinia ring – cute, isn’t it?


unikatissima Actinia Brooch That is the brooch. It looks great on my black overcoat.


unikatissima Actinia The Actinia wristwarmers and ring can easily be worn over woollen gloves if it’s really cold.


unikatissima Actinia Anklewarmer I haven’t done the Actinia anklewarmer yet, I made the picture with my not yet sewn wristwarmer.
Looks great, doesn’t it?


unikatissima’s Englisch tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

unikatissima’s German tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

There you find instructions on how to
knit items with fringes,
add knitted fringes to finished items,
knit the wristwarmers,
knit the headband,
knit the ring,
knit the brooch and
knit an I-cord.
I also added ideas for more ways to befringe items.

Worm Scarf

Wikipedia: Sea anemones