A Mailable Mosaic

unikatissima Mailable Mosaic

An advent calendar doesn’t always have to be a lot of filled boxes, why not simply mailing a card a day?
It is more exciting for the recipient if the cards put together form a poster.
Photojojo shows how to make a poster with 24 cards from a photo. I think that you can also use a self-designed Christmas card for an advent calendar.
And on the back you can write a nice, amusing or inspiring aphorism (apart from the address ;-)).

Bei Photojojo: How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic

Google search result for ‘aphorism’
Google search result for ‘aphorismus’

Here at unikatissima: Boxes not only for the advent calendar

Curved Box not only for an Advent Calendar

unikatissima Teabag Box

Once I browsed flickr and found the Teabag Problem Box. He called it this way because some teas are packed in such boxes.
But what I liked best is the the fact that he ‘offers’ the creasing pattern directly (see links below).

On the photo you can see my first try. I burned some CD’s and used the paper where you write what’s on the CD and that I usually throw away for this box.
I think it’s not too bad for a first try ;-)
They can easily be used for an advent calendar.

I looked further for boxes usable for advent calendars and found the following:

At flickr: Teabag Problem Box

At The Fitful Flog: PDF file with the creasing pattern (ca. 10 KB)
Check also the Model Menu

More boxes that can be used in advent calendars:

And here at unikatissima:

Furthermore there are links on how to decorate in the entry Pattern Paper.

And what can you put into the boxes?
Here at unikatissima:

This week I will present more possible fillings.

Flour Glue

unikatissima Flour Glue

I already presented the Rice Glue, here is an instruction for making flour glue.
It seems that it can be used very good for paper or cardboard and if you increase the amount of the ingredients (and add a little turpentine) it seems that you even get wallpaper glue.

What I really appreciate is, that those glues are non-toxic, that I don’t have to buy stuff to make them and that the making doesn’t seem to be too tedious.

Flour Glue

Here at unikatissima: Rice Glue

Homemade Paint Recipes

unikatissima Homemade Paint Recipes

Via one of my most preferred check-this-out blogs art for housewives I found a website with homemade paint recipes.
I liked best that they are made with stuff from household and tempera paint or food colouring.

On the photo you see some of the ingredients I already gathered, but unfortunately I don’t have no tempera paint nor food colouring at home.
Still to purchase :)

Homemade Paint Recipes
via art for housewives

Collograph Printing

unikatissima Collograph Printing

Once again I found a tutorial about something I really want to try once: Collograph Printing.

I think it could be fun: to glue stuff onto cardboard, to ink it and to press a sheet of paper onto.
The paragraph where they wrote, that you can use moistened watercolour paper and get some embossed paper was most interesting to me.

I will ;-))

Collograph Printing

Sketch for Card

unikatissima Card Sketch

Pages of the heart presented once weekly a card sketch for making cards. Together with the beautiful cards made by others it is always an inspiration for card making.

On the photo you see a card I made following the weekly sketch #9 (but I turned it around).
The card background is stamped with bought as well as self-made stamps and the daisies are hand embroidered just as the paper crazy quilt.

They are re-vamping the website, so it is a little more laborious to reach the articles: Go to the articles site and search there (left navigation bar) for ‘Weekly Sketch’ in the categorie ‘Cards’.
The result will compensate for the trouble :)

At Pages of the heart: Card sketches
Browse them by going to the articles site and search there (left navigation bar) for ‘Weekly Sketch’ in the categorie ‘Cards’

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps
Paper Crazy Quilt

Custom Card Box

Custom Card Box

As mentioned before you sometimes need a little box.
I found instructions on how-to fold a custom card box which can easily be used as little gift box.
And best of all there is Craig Forbes’ Tuckbox Generator where you can fill in the sizes you want and get a PDF file with your special custom template.

Custom Card Box
Craig Forbes’ Tuckbox Generator

unikatissima’s entry:
Recycled Card Pillow Box