Foam Chameleon Wall Hanging

craftster Foam Chameleon Wall Hanging

When I saw the chameleon I was totally amazed – especially because it contains also a secret compartment!

Well, it doesn’t go with my room, but who knows…


Foam Chameleon Wall Hanging (Ugly foam cooler and box to cool chameleon wall hanging w/secret compartment!)
via: [FINISHED] Craft Challenge #45 – Super Ugly to Super Awesome Rd 2 – Dc 1 – Dec 5

Junk Jewelry

flickr abscraft Junk Jewellery

Such a pin from old plastic bottles and the like can look really cute, can’t it?

Now I’m debating with myself on whether I should collect these, too.


white brooch
via: Jewellery made from recycled stuff – a mini-round-up
via: art for housewives – pin cushions and junk jewellery

Drinking Straw Jewelry and Ornaments

unikatissima Drinking Straw Jewelry and Ornaments

When I saw the drinking straw pin I thought: ‘Oh yes, I want!’ ;-)


unikatissima Drinking Straw Jewelry and Ornaments It is quite easy: I took two different coloured drinking straws, cut them (veeery carefully!) into spirals with an X-acto knife und knotted them (not too firm) together.
This way my little ball stays in form without glue, sewing or the like.
I wanted to cut them first with scissors but I got ugly edges, the cut must be made with a really sharp cutting tool.

I find it cute as well as jewelry as well as tree ornament ;-)

Drinking Straw Pin (curly elastic brooch)

Bobbin Holder

craftster Bobbin Holder

Ok, ok, today is Saint Nicholas, but here the show is already over, the boot wasn’t only filled but emptied already and life goes on.

And to let it go on neatly (at least concerning sewing) the bobbin holders from spiral binders can help ;-))
So in case that you still have to sew something for Christmas everything should go more easily now :)

Bobbin Holder (Bevy of Bobbins- corral your unruly bobbin thread! Pics, too!)

Saint Nicholas – Celebration in Central Europe

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Wire from Plastic Bottles

wikiHow Wire from Plastic Bottles

I presented some instructions already where plastic bottles are ‘processed’.
I find this here remarkable anyhow because she shows how to make a wire from a plastic bottle!


How to Make a Wire from a Plastic Bottle
via: A new twist on recycling a plastic soda bottle into a stem or necklace
via: art for housewives

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