Sweater Scarf

Spun Magazine Sweater Arm Scarf

Once I found an instruction on how to make a scarf from felted old sweaters but the website doesn’t exist anymore.
The photo is from the website, click to enlarge.


That’s how they did it:

  1. Wash sweaters from 100% wool (mohair works fine, too) with some laundry detergent.
  2. Felt in dryer.
    Felting makes the fabric so dense that it doesn’t unravel when cut.
  3. Cut stripes from the sweaters in the width you want the scarf to be.
    The lengths will vary depending on the part of the sweater where you cut the piece.
    In the instruction they used mainly the arms.
  4. Eventually simply sew the pieces together, whether with a sewing machine or by hand.
    The seam can be used as a decorating element.
  5. The scarf can subsequently be embellished: with buttons, felted flowers, beads, pom-poms, fringes, embroidery and so on.

In fact I would like to have a cardigan-kind garment made with this technique, no scarf.
Therefore I went to several second hand stores to look for wool sweaters but found mostly sweaters from artificial material which don’t felt.
But I stay tuned ;-)

The original website that doesn’t exist anymore

Here at unikatissima: Entries with the tag ‘felting’

What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?

unikatissima Two-coloured Chart (click to enlarge)

Recently something took me and I thought that you can use those two-coloured charts which are usually associated with filet crochet or cross stitch for a loooot of other techniques, too.
I had this idea already before, in my entries about intarsia knitting, the cross stitch heart, the beaded square stitch heart and the polymer clay letter cane.

On the photo you see some letters worked in different techniques (I’m working on letter charts at the moment ;-)):
'u' - Knit-Purl Knitting, each X is a purl stitch
'n' - Fair Isle Knitting, each X is a white stitch
'i' - Sequins Embroidery, each X is a sequin
'k' - Tapestry Crochet, each X is a white stitch
'a' - Filet Crochet, each X is a filled filet crochet square
't' - Cross Stitch Embroidery on paper, each X is a black cross stitch
'i' - Loom Beading, each X is a black bead
's' - Stamping with square stamps, each X is a black square stamp
's' - Illusion Knitting, each X is a black stitch over two rows
'i' - Crochet Yoyo’s, each X is a white crochet circle from dc’s
'm' - Inverted Filet Crochet, each X is a empty filet crochet square
'a' - Macramée/Friendship Bracelet, each X is a white knot

But then I came up with more techniques and if you still have more ideas I’d be glad if you wrote a comment about.
I added for every technique what would be a square of the chart.
Please remember: Not all ‘units’ are square so that the result can look quite different from the chart!



  • Tapestry Crochet – 1 stitch
  • Filet Crochet – 1 filet square (cross = filled square)
  • Inverted Filet Crochet – 1 filet square (cross = empty square)
  • Crochet Yoyo’s – 1 Crochet Yoyo, viz. a crochet circle from dc’s






  • Patchwork/Quilting – e.g. 1 patchwork square
  • Yoyo’s – 1 Yoyo
  • Fabric Origami – 1 fabric origami square


By the way I found an blog entry of an embroiderer who thought about the same subject and has more ideas.

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Picture for sequin embroidery (scroll down to about the middle)
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Cross Stitch Heart

unikatissima Cross Stitch Heart

Valentine’s Day makes everything more heart-ily somehow ;-))
Besides I wanted to show what you can do else with the heart template of the day before yesterday (Beaded Square Stitch Heart), viz. a really nice cross stitch heart.
I didn’t have any Aida fabric or similar, besides I always prefer to embroider on paper or fine cardboard ;-)
I therefore glued some plain gift wrap paper on fine cardboard, pre-pricked the holes (which you should always do when embroidering on paper) and embroidered my heart with metallic sewing threads (instructions on how to embroider the cross stitch see links below).
Subsequently I connected the border holes, cut the cardboard into a nicer shape and glued it on a greeting card.
I really like it ;-)


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


Kids Stitch Diagrams and Instructions ­ Part I
Tutorial moved to: Kids Stitch Diagrams and Instructions ­ Part I => scroll down
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especially the Paper Crazy Quilt and the Crazy Quilt Photo Frame

African Needle Weaving Necklace

African Needleweaving

Once a found an instruction on how to work an african necklace using needle weaving (also called ‘pin weaving’). It’s a weaving technique that allows to easily create strange shaped fabrics and to incorporate beads into.
I played around with this technique and thought that it could as well be used for little bags, for bracelets and so forth.
Unfortunately it’s a technique that requires a lot patience – which I don’t have. ;-)
I’d love to hear what you think about!


African Needle Weaving Necklace

YoYo Pin

YoYo Pin

I like yoyo’s, but only recently I tried to make one. And I find it cute.
It is made from shiny polyester fabric and embellished with a little crocheted flower and some embroidered beads (I hate to have polyester on my skin, but I like it for pins and the like, because it is so shiny).

Yoyo Projects (with explaining pictures)
How to make a Yoyo (with explaining pictures)

The links don’t work anymore, you can find the information here now:
Yoyo Projects (with explaining pictures)
How to make a Yoyo (with explaining pictures)


Pendant to be embellished
One day I wanted to have a pendant-to-be-embellished and decided to create it myself.
On the photo you see both sides of a charm of about 1,5 cm (appr. 0.6 inches) which I embellished with self-dyed fabric and some metallic yarn embroidery.
The embellishment isn’t quite what I dreamed of, but the core pendant worked well.

This is how I did it:
You need:

  • some cardboard (the thickness of the middle piece must be about the same as the wire)
  • some wire
  • glue

Pendant to be embellished img 1: Cut 3 equal pieces of your cardboard.


Pendant to be embellished img 2: Wrap the wire round a dowel to form the eye. Then turn a couple of times to form the peg and then form a bigger eye which will be hidden in the pendant.
Note: I prefer the hidden part of the wire to be an eye because then the wire can’t be dragged out by accident.


Pendant to be embellished img 3: Take the cardboard piece which will sit in the middle and trace your hanger.


Pendant to be embellished img 4: Cut out the place you will need for the hanger.


Pendant to be embellished img 5: Glue the hanger and the middle cardboard pieces onto one outer cardboard piece.
Note: I glue on also the cardboard piece in the eye to prevent having a hollow.


Pendant to be embellished img 6: Glue the other outer cardboard piece onto. Your pendant-to-be-embellished is finished and you may begin with the embellishments.


Pendant to be embellished Pendant to be embellished
img 7 & 8: This is a solution for a 2-eyed pendant.


There are so many ways to embellish your self-made pendant (mini collages, painted, beaded, stamped etc), I’d love to see them.
Please feel free to comment here to show your trinkets.

Have fun!

Mezuza case Schneekönigin

Mezuza case Schneekönigin The mezuza case Schneekönigin consists of a little glass tube that is fixed on a sturdy white base. I encased the glass tube with a hand woven bead fabric in Peyote freeform technique.

Ice white, snow white, clear white, pearl white, egg shell white and a little silver

Length: ca. 12 cm

Photoleporello Fantasia

Photoleporello Fantasia The Photoleporello Fantasia is a handmade leporello with five double pages and several matching bookmarks.

Mixed Media
ca.10 x 15 cm

given away


Photoleporello Fantasia-Cover The cover is decorated with a crazy quilt made from different handmade papers with embroidery, metal embellishments, funky yarn and little beads.


Photoleporello Fantasia-1st double page The first double page contains two photo frames made from real fall leaves and bark.


Photoleporello Fantasia-1st bookmark The first bookmark is embellished on one side with handmade paper with real flowers and on the other with flower patterned paper.


Photoleporello Fantasia-2nd double page The second double page contains two photo frames made from raffia and fabric on handmade paper with fibers.


Photoleporello Fantasia-3rd double page The third double page contains two photo frames made from handmade papers, embellished with funky yarn and hand embroidery.


Photoleporello Fantasia-2nd bookmark The second bookmark is partly made with handmade papers and embellished with different yarns.


Photoleporello Fantasia-4th double page The fourth double page contains two photo frames made from fabric, embellished with wire and fabric elements.


Photoleporello Fantasia-5th double page The fifth double page contains two photo frames made from handmade papers, embellished with funky yarns and elements from handmade paper.


Photoleporello Fantasia-3rd bookmark The third bookmark is made from patterned paper and embellished with different yarns and raffia.


Photoleporello Fantasia-Back The back side is decorated with a handmade fabric collage.

Mezuza case Schaumgeboren

Mezuza case Schaumgeboren The mezuza case Schaumgeboren
consists of a little glass tube that is fixed on a sturdy white base. I encased the glass tube with a hand woven bead fabric in net technique and then embellished it strongly with bead fringes.

Length: ca. 12 cm