Kaffe Fasset Stone Circles Sweater

Rowan Kaffe Fasset Stone Circles Sweater

I’m always fascinated by items from Kaffe Fassett – and now I have even found a tutorial for his Stone Circles sweater!
After I’ve read the instruction I had to realise that – as beautiful as the sweater may be – I’d never have the patience to knit something of this kind.

Kaffe Fasset Stone Circles Sweater (Stone Circles)
There are more free instructions, also for patterns of Kaffe Fasset, e.g.
Spot Cushion – if you chekc the ‘Related Projects’ there you can find even more

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Upcycled Sweater Boots

craftster Upcycled Sweater Boots

Still have some old sweaters? Make such a boot from them!

Another great idea, isn’t it? :)
As good as the Sweater Scarf and the yarn from sweaters ;-)

And if you don’t have a sweater to recycle, take t-shirts ;-))

Upcycled sweater boots (w/mini tutorial!)

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Sweater Scarf

Spun Magazine Sweater Arm Scarf

Once I found an instruction on how to make a scarf from felted old sweaters but the website doesn’t exist anymore.
The photo is from the website, click to enlarge.


That’s how they did it:

  1. Wash sweaters from 100% wool (mohair works fine, too) with some laundry detergent.
  2. Felt in dryer.
    Felting makes the fabric so dense that it doesn’t unravel when cut.
  3. Cut stripes from the sweaters in the width you want the scarf to be.
    The lengths will vary depending on the part of the sweater where you cut the piece.
    In the instruction they used mainly the arms.
  4. Eventually simply sew the pieces together, whether with a sewing machine or by hand.
    The seam can be used as a decorating element.
  5. The scarf can subsequently be embellished: with buttons, felted flowers, beads, pom-poms, fringes, embroidery and so on.

In fact I would like to have a cardigan-kind garment made with this technique, no scarf.
Therefore I went to several second hand stores to look for wool sweaters but found mostly sweaters from artificial material which don’t felt.
But I stay tuned ;-)

The original website that doesn’t exist anymore

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Random Choice Generator

TextFixer Random Choice Generator

Especially in Advent one must make many small decisions, e.g. should I knit my sweater, clean the kitchen or nap a little?
As you can see the random choice generator can help you with this ;-))


Random Choice Generator
=> Setting ‘Items are on seperate lines’ and enter one option per line

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Swatch Bangle

See Me Knit Swatch Bangle

Another beautiful idea: if you knit something you often knit a swatch first.
You can collect these swatches and in the course of time get enough for a blanket.
But you can also make a swatch bangle, matching your sweater :))
For that purpose you simply sew the swatch around a ready-made bracelet.
If you don’t have aready-made bracelet you can also make the bracelet yourself from a plastic bottle (see the knitted/crocheted bangles) or from paper (see the bracelet from recycled paper) :)


Swatch Bangle (So, a few days ago, …)
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Waist Shaping Calculator

interweave knittingdaily Waist Shaping Calculator

No, you can’t calculate how to get a small waist with the waist shaping calculator, but how to fit your hand knitted/crocheted sweater perfectly to your existent waist.
It’s also worthy ;-)


Waist Shaping Calculator
Description of the Waist Shaping Calculator (New Online Knitting Tool: Waist Shaping Calculator)
Waist Shaping Calculator (Waist Shaping Calculator for Garments and Knitting Patterns)
Description of the Waist Shaping Calculator (Online Knitting Tool: Waist Shaping Calculator)
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