Lacy Floral Crochet Square

Lacy Floral Crochet Square

Recently I presented the crocheted bolero, now a tablecloth (or afghan) made of crocheted squares. Even if the magazin where the instruction comes from seems to be a little oldfashioned I really like the pattern.

Lacy Floral Crochet Square – photo
Lacy Floral Crochet Square – instruction

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Crochet Quilts

Happy Yellow House Clays Choice Crochet Quilt

I’d never finish such a crochet quilt afghan (that’s just like with the lace cable afghan ;-)), but I find the idea so great to make from two kinds of crochet squares (solid coloured and diagonally bi-coloured) quasi classic quilts.

I wrote an entry before about clothes from crocheted medaillons and about crochet joining (which surely can be useful for making the crochet quilt afghans), and I find that the afghan goes perfectly with them (concerning the technique, not the wearing ;-)).

To tell the truth I also find really great her rules for selling: she says that you can sell items made with her patterns (if you don’t mass produce).
By and large I agree totally with her :)
Nonetheless I find that you always have to read and to respect the terms of use of the respective rights owner!

Clay’s Choice Crochet Quilt
Overview Crochet Quilts – there are much more ;-)
Regarding selling finished items made from our crochet patterns

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gokulmuthu Random Symmetrical Kolam Generator

I discovered kolams (English Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’)!
They are beautiful patterns and I do like to play around with knots and the like ;-)

It all begun when I found a tutorial on how to design kolams.
Then I first checked what kolams are and via the Englisch Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’ I found a Random Kolam Generator Random Kolam Generator and an Interactive Kolam Maker. I wasn’t able to use the latter in an appropriate way, double click on the circles always brought different results.
I suppose that I only have to work on it a little bit more.
But I think that I will stick to the previously mentioned tutorial on how to design kolams, especially after I have seen the kolam images at Google and flickr.
And I guess that I won’t need the receipe for kolam rice flour colour (it is in German, but it is mainly one table spoon rice flour mixed with a pinch of colouring from plants or minerals and then painted with moist fingers), because I mostly use graphic programs (that’s because I can’t draw a straight line ;-)).

Tutorial on how to design kolams

Random Kolam Generator
Generator moved to: Random Kolam Generator
Interactive Kolam Maker

Kolam Rice Flour Colour Receipe (Kolam aus Reismehl) (German)

Google search result for ‘kolam’
Google image search result for ‘kolam’

flickr photos tagged with ‘kolam’

English Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’

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unikatissima Kali Pattern


From time to time I like to play around with programs to create beautiful pictures.
Kali is one of those.
I can enjoy myself with it for hours ;-)

On the picture you see a pattern that I created.
unikatissima Kali Pattern


I made a tile by cropping which I coloured in afterwards:
unikatissima Kali Tile    unikatissima Kali Tile Coloured


Then I re-combined the coloured tiles to get a repeating pattern.
unikatissima Kali Pattern


In the end I made the whole pattern a little more 3D:
unikatissima Kali Pattern

Beautiful, isn’t it?

At Topology and Geometry Software: Kali

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Fractal Art (Fractal Explorer)
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Droste Effects

Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe

Square 'n' Fair - Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe

I proudly present my first self designed
Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe (PDF ~705 KB)!

It is a PDF-File that contains the diagram for the crochet square Margarethe that I designed (it is my first! ;-)).
On the photo you see a big scarf I made with this pattern (but I haven’t blocked it yet – it will look much more beautiful then ;-))

I also included several matching diagrams in the PDF-file to this square (‘elements’): a rectangular half square, a triangular half square, a ‘squeezed square’ and two patterns for matching ‘ribbons’.
Additionally I have inserted several ideas on how to combine the different elements and project ideas about what to do with the elements.

Because different terms are used for the same stitches in British and American English, you can find photo and text descriptions of the used stitches in order to easily identify them (not meant as a tutorial).

Best try it yourself:
Use different materials, as e.g. thick wool yarns, middle acryl yarns ;-), fine cotton yarns, embroidery floss, raffia, package string, gift ribbon/gift curling ribbon, yarn made from plastic bags
Make different items, as e.g. sweaters, vests, tops, cardigans, scarves, shawls, headbands, hats, mittens, wristwarmers, skirts, purses, wallets, totes, scrunchies, collars, appliqués, insertions, book or journal covers, tablecloths, place mats, glass coasters, pillows, window or door decorations, bedthrows, ornaments for greeting cards …

If you want to make clothing, check again crochet patterns for/from square medaillons (you won’t need the medaillon patterns this time, but only the women clothing models ;-)) and the basic woman measurement charts for clothing patterns at the website of Jessica Tromp.

Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe (PDF ~705 KB)

Jessica Tromp:
Crochet patterns for/from square medaillons
Basic woman measurement charts for clothing patterns

At craftster: Curling Ribbon+Crochet Hook=Many Purses

At Marlo’s Crochet Corner: Cutting the plastic bag ‘yarn’

At Craft Chi: Doily Racerback

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unikatissima Knotsbag

I found another program again to make beautiful things with: Knotsbag.
I’m not so far yet because I haven’t learned so much yet. I have to continue practising until I also can make so beautiful knots :)


Knotsbag, a Knotwork Design Software (so stunning! ;-))

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Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Once I found a tutorial on how to make your own repeating pattern and found it a revelation!
I tried it immediately ;-) and it worked perfect!
On the topmost picture you see my self-made repeating pattern, on the other pictures you see what I made from it.
The whole pattern was designed on my computer, but I’ve made another one on paper which was also a success.

By the way: this Papaya Shikai Maki was designed the same way ;-))

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Make your own Repeating Patterns (English) (with explaining pictures)

Papaya Shikai Maki