Paper Rolls Wall Art

recyclart Paper Rolls Wall Art

If you haven’t decorated your walls already with the yarn wall art you may want to try the paper rolls wall art ;-)
And if it’s not quite your cup of tea, you can make from your toilet paper rolls e.g. simple napkin holders, a cord holder, recycled gift tags and/or a hairpin lace loom ;-))

DIY : paper rolls wall art

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Recycled Gift Tags

unikatissima Recycled Gift Tags

The gift tags on the photo aren’t ready yet: I simply can’t decide with which yarn I should wrap them.

But I find the idea really great: flatten the cardboard tube, cut it in strips and wrap the pieces with yarn.
I think that it could look beautiful, too, when wrapped in a piece of beautiful polymer clay and worn as necklace, earring or pin.

When reading the instructions for the gift tags I had to think somehow at the surprise ball gifts ;-)

But she had other ideas, too, about what to make with these paper shapes, namely a cute tealight and an interesting lamp decoration.

I presented before entries about recycled cardboard tubes here in this blog, namely the beaded amulet bag, the plaster photo holder and the knitting loom from a plastic bottle.
But there the cardboard tube was ‘only’ a tool.

recycling project no. 19 – yarn gift tag

recycle project no. 12 – tealight decoration
recycle project no. 16 – hurricane cover

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Recycled Magazine Rollups

PattieWack Magazine Rollups

I found a really nice decoration for cylindrical containers, the tutorial on how to make a vase from recycled magazine paper tutorial on how to make a vase from recycled magazine paper. You need a glass or a can, but for other containers that don’t have to be watertight a cardboard tube will suffice.
I like it, especially because it is often difficult to make watertight containers from paper.


Recycled Magazine Rollups
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Recycled Magazine Rollups

See also here at unikatissima: Entries with the tag ‘paper maché’

Plaster Photo Holder

Plaster Photo Holder

I saw this Tealight Photo Holder. I found the idea stunning, but I didn’t like the look of it: for me it looks like a cut-open tealight ;-)
But then an idea stroke: How easy to make this from plaster!
On the photo you see my plaster photo holder in action ;-)

And here is how I did it:

Plaster Photo Holder
img 1: Take a toilet paper tube and cut in rings about 4-5 cm height (appr. 1.5 – 2 inches). I did this with the sharp knife on the photo.


Plaster Photo Holder
img 2: Wrap foil around, but let one side open. Fix the foil with elastic.


Plaster Photo Holder
img 3: Fill the forms with plaster to a height of about 2,5 cm (about 1 inch). When full, insert a previously cut piece of cardboard as separator.

Let harden (about an hour).


Plaster Photo Holder
img 4: When the plaster went hard, but everything is still wet, tear apart the cardboard tube and break the ‘plaster coin’ where the separator cardboard stuck.


Plaster Photo Holder Plaster Photo Holder
img 5: Rub the cardboard rests away.
If your photoholder piece is uneven, now is the moment to fix it: Simply scratch away what you don’t like with the back of an old knife.

img 6: You can embellish them in so many ways.
I painted them immediately with watercolours, but you can also wait until thoroughly dry.


Plaster Photo Holder
img 7: When dried I stamped them and varnished them with medium gel.
Have fun!


Tealight Photo Holder
via Photojojo