Homemade Lip Gloss

craftster Lip Gloss

I always have dry lips, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always dry.
Therefore I was glad to find the self-made lip gloss, because I will know what the ingredients are.
However I was a little unsure concerning the quantity of the ingredients, so I looked for more lip gloss recipes.
I think that the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page was used for the lip gloss on the photo.

Let’s see how it works on my lips ;-))

Homemade Lip Gloss (Broncos lipgloss for tweens!)
Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes, e.g. the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page

Crayon Candles

craftster recycled crayon candles

Now that’s getting sooner dark candles become more interesting again – as I find.

I found a tutorial for crayon candles that I think is absolutely great, because it’s ‘only’ making use of leftovers, but I find the results stunning.
But I still need my crayons ;-)


recycled crayon candles

Here at unikatissima:
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Water Balloon Luminaries

candletech Water Balloon Luminaries

Aren’t those beautiful?
When finding the instruction on how to make water balloon luminaries I was thrilled.
It looks so easy (I haven’t tested it yet) and it’s worth to read the comments, too, to get the experience and more ideas:

  • several comments tell about their experience with this technique: some had problems with popping balloons while dipping them into the wax and hot wax got everywhere, so it seems that one has to be very careful;
  • somebody said that they saw poured sand at the bottom to prevent overheating/melting, somebody else suggested to put some water in the luminary for the same reason;
  • I’ve seen mentioned somewhere to cast some plaster of paris on the bottom for the same reason;
  • as Carol said for the geometric cut paper table lamp you can use battery operated tea lights;
  • suggestions were given to put something between the layers, like leaves and somebody else told their erperience with this;
  • I’ve seen somewhere that somebody glued (somehow?) the top layer of paper napkins on such wax luminaries;
  • someone wanted to make parts of the luminary opaque which didn’t work, but somebody else suggested to use different coloured wax for the layers with a dark colour as outer layer and then carefully carve out a pattern through the outer layers;
  • one comment even suggests to do a similar technique with chocolate syrup in place of wax to get chocolate bowls (hmmm! ;-));
  • and somebody gave a tip on what to use if you don’t have a double boiler.

I’m not quite sure if I want to play around with this, but the temptation is strong ;-))

Water Balloon Luminaries

Floating Paper

unikatissima Floating Paper

Once I found the instruction on how to preserve leaves with beeswax. This way you can make the leaves for float on water.
I really liked the idea, but it is winter now and I thought that you can do the same with paper, similar to the beeswax collage.
Then I thought further and found out, that paper floats without wax also (goes muuuuch swifter! ;-))).

On the first photo you see a glass bowl with a simple tea light, the paper snippets are from some advertising junk mail.


unikatissima Floating Paper For this photo I thought even further (which wasn’t easy ;-)) and spread on some confetti from the hole puncher.
I like it!


The only problem was the disposal when I wanted to throw away the confetti. I couldn’t fish them out without problems. Therefore I put a piece of tissue paper onto the gutter of my kitchen sink so that no confetti could pass through, and poured slowly the bowl on the tissue paper (if you pour too fast the tissue paper can slip). The water went through and the confetti assembled onto the tissue paper, so that I simply had to throw away the tissue paper with the confetti.

Preserving Leaves with Beeswax for Floating on Water

Here at unikatissima: Beeswax Collage

Beeswax Collage

Beeswax Collage - Bienenwachs Collage

I find making collages fascinating.
One interesting technique to glue your items to the base is the so-called beeswax collage (for links to tutorials see Links below). It gives a warm colour to the collage and if polished a nice shine too.
On the photo you can see my first (and up until now last) attempt to do this. I collaged pieces of different newspapers (Chinese, Arabic, Corean) and self-made papers and than embroidered the spiral by hand.

At ARTchix Studio: Beeswax Collage: the link isn’t available no more.

At art-e-zine: Beeswax Collage

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