Roll or Bullion Stitch

unikatissima Crochet Bullion Stitch

This stitch is beautiful, but it needs getting used to ;-)
I like it especially in freeform needlework.

Fortunately it is (theoretical) learnable, e.g. in this tutorial on how to make the bullion stitch.
The description sounds easy, doesn’t it? ;-)
I break my fingers and knot my thread in any case ;-)

There are much more instructions (perforce ;-)), by googling for the bullion stitch e.g. you get lots of help.
Unfortunately you still must crochet it your self ;-))

Roll or Bullion Stitch
Google search result for ‘how to crochet bullion stitch’
Google image search result for ‘how to crochet bullion stitch’

Here at unikatissima:
Freeform Needlework

Illustrate Words

unikatissima Illustrated Word

If you’re making altered books or cards, you often use single, meaningful words.
I have found a good proposal on how to illustrate words.
On the picture I tried to put the word ‘Glass’ onto the photo of the tesselation as if it was made of glass (not bad for a first try? ;-))
My inspiration was a tutorial on how to create a gel button.
It was fun ;-)

Illustrate Words
Gel Button

Paper Wallet

unikatissima Paper Wallet

After the duct tape wallet and the tetrapak coin purse I’d like to present today an ingenious tutorial on how to fold a paper wallet.
On the photo you see one of my test wallets, folded from an official envelope with window and blue patterned lining.
Envelopes are unfortunately too narrow, I can’t put in an unfolded bank note, but it was fun to fold ;-)
I folded others from DIN A4 paper covered in gift wrapping and I really like the size.
One has got a little pocket glued on, another got its sides glued together. One has been covered in self-adhesive book foil, another has been glued after been covered in transparent gift wrapping.
All work fine and seem to be robust (the author of the tutorial writes about this aspect, too).
The only thing I miss is a ‘real’ coin purse with closure.
But the best is: the folding is done in no time ;-))

It is e.g. a wonderful wrapping if you want to give money.

Es wäre z.B. eine tolle Verpackung für ein Geldgeschenk.

Paper Wallet
More tutorials for paper wallets at instructables

Here at unikatissima:
Duct Tape Wallet
Tetrapak Coin Purse

Crayon Tinted Fabric

unikatissima Crayon Tinted Fabric

I found a very interesting tutorial on how to tint fabric with crayons.
On the picture you see my first and up until now last (and not really successful ;-)) attempt at this technique: I laid a self crocheted flower underneath.
Better you try it by yourself ;-))

I preferred the acryl coloured fabric.

Tinted Linens
Let’s celebrate

Here at unikatissima: Acryl Coloured fabric

Crease Patterns

spinflipper Charon Crease Pattern

Recently I saw the TED Talk of Robert Lang and was totally impressed.
He describes how Origami changed and developed with the use of methematics and how they developed a new, better ‘language’ to describe crease patterns.
On the picture you see the crease description of Charon from Eileen’s Origami Page (I couldn’t imagine this as well :-)).
Take a look at Robert Lang’s Origami website, it is mind-blowing! (The crease patterns can be found at ‘Art’.)
And at Eileen’s Origami Page you can find a great article: The Beginner’s Guide to Crease Patterns.
You have to begin somewhere ;-)

TED Talks: fascinating lectures about nearly all
Robert Langs TED Talk: Idea + square = origami

Robert Lang’s Origami website
(The crease patterns can be found at ‘Art’.)

Eileen’s Origami Page:
The Beginner’s Guide to Crease Patterns


crochetme Shoe-torial

I always like to crochet, best not too large projects (because of the patience ;-))
The Shoe-torial therefore hits the mark: it is a tutorial on how to revamp shoes with crochet.

I think that it should work also by knitting, but anyway that’s not my cup of tea.

At the next opportunity I will check my shoes if they can be revamped that way ;-)


Crafting with Glasses

a patchwork world Crafting with Glasses

I had a discussion the other day about all the stuff I simply can’t throw away – and then I found a tutorial about crafting with glasses. She makes beautiful pins from old glasses.

There you go! ;-))

By the way: I personally won’t craft with old glasses, because I found it a better use to spend glasses to people who can’t afford them.
This discussion takes also place at the tutorial and after having read it I think that funkylicious has a point: Those who craft with old glasses can do charity in so many ways.

Crafting with Glasses

Google search result for ‘glasses for africa’

Heart Pendant

sonyastyle Heart Pendant

While surfing I found again a tutorial on how to make a freeform trinket. I like it very much (I love Freeform ;-))
And doesn’t it look great?

I must rummage again through my beads ;-))

Heart Pendant

Note: I’m getting always a timeout when I want to see the heart pendant tutorial. If you have the same problem, try the webarchive version.