Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

At craftster.org I found a tutorial on how to make a wallet from duct tape.
I never tried it, because I’m a little concerned about the duct tape: I’m mostly putting my wallet into the back pocket of my jeans. Won’t the glue of the duct tape kind of melt with the warmth?
I still must ask this question at craftster.org.

At craftster.org: Duct Tape Wallet

Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper Bead Bracelet

Once I saw the beautiful paper bead jewelry at newspaperjewelry.com and was stunned. Then I found a tutorial on how to make a paper bead bracelet at craftster.org with some really good ideas, e.g. to fix the paper beads with hair pins or to coat everything with modpodge.
Just another item on one of my to-do-lists ;-)

craftster.org: My preferred craft forum
Paper Bead Bracelet

newspaperjewelry.com: Beautiful paper beads jewelry

Mosaic from Plaster

Mosaic from Plaster

Once I wanted to play a little bit with mosaic for a door board (see photo) but without having to buy all those materials. I didn’t know if I would use them ever more.
Therefore I figured out how to make my own mosaic stones from plaster and wrote a German tutorial.
I’m giving here a translation, see some photos at the German tutorial.

How to make your own mosaic stones:
You need:

  • Plaster
  • (Rectangular) plastic lid
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Paint as used in school
  • Vinegar
  • Finish

What to do:

  1. Make plaster following the instructions and cast a thin layer. The consistency should be yoghurt-like and the layer not thicker than 3mm / 0.07 inches.
    Note: Use the plastic lid of a margarine jar for casting.
  2. After hardening paint the plaster cakes with the paints.
    Note: The cakes must have become hard, but they don’t have to be dry when painting.
  3. After the cakes are dry (about one day) coat with the finish.
  4. Then break the cakes into mosaic stones.
    Note: This can be done in an irregular way, but you can also score the cakes and then break in square or rectangular pieces.
    Note: The scoring of the cakes can best be done when the cakes aren’t dry. Although you can score dry cakes they break more easily than the moist ones.
  5. Now make your mosaic by casting a form with plaster and setting your mosaic stones into the plaster.
    Note: To delay the hardening mix the plaster with some vinegar.
    Note: Only cast plaster in flexible forms because it expands slightly and you won’t be able to release it from a solid form.

Make your own mosaic stone (German)

Slow down drywall-plaster drying time with vinegar (English)
What to do to delay drying time of plaster? (German)
(Somebody here tried a drop of dish liquid in place of vinegar and said that it worked)

Crocheted Bookmarks

Crocheted Bookmarks - Gehäkelte Lesezeichen

I love to crochet but I prefer the item to be crocheted not too big (it’s all a question of patience).
Therefore I like to crochet bookmarks ;-)
On the photo you see the Quickie Bookmark from Priscilla Hewitt. She designed soo beautiful delicate bookmarks! (for more links to instructions for Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks see below)
Some of them can be used to make lacy scarves ;-)
But I think they could be beautiful bracelets, too.

Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks (all English):
Quickie Bookmark
Christmas Wreath Bookmark
Pineapple Bookmark
Heart Corner Bookmark
Icicle Bookmark
Scalloped Bookmark
Jacob’s Ladder Bookmark

Addendum of February 2009: The links above don’t work anymore, you can find the instructions for the bookmarks now as PDF (about 465 KB) at Priscilla’s Crochet – Free Pattern Index, check there for ‘Bookmarks’.

And please read her Terms of Use Terms of Use, that she published at the beginning of the PDF file.

unikatissima’s entry:
Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings

Papier Mache Recipes

Papier Mache Recipes

There are many recipes for making papier mache which I still want to try out.
On the photo you see one of my many UFO’s ;-)
It is a wall-vase-to-be, made with tore newspaper stripes and ready to use wall paste.

At ‘The Papier Mache Resource’ :
Some Advanced Papier Mache Recipes (English)
Take also a look at the other tutorials, the articles and the galleries

More recipes:
(Google search results)
Search for ‘paper mache paste recipe’
Search for ‘papier mache rezept’

Image search for ‘paper mache paste recipe’
Image search for ‘papier mache rezept’