Tea Dyed Doily Scarf

flickr myauntdebbie - Doily Scarf

I must confess that in fact I like to crochet doilies – but I don’t want to have them, because I don’t have a clue about what to do with them ;-).
That’s perhaps the reason why I like so much putting together things from squares or the like ;-))

Well, now I can make me such a doily scarf ;-)
I think that you can very well hand-dye it with tea or coffee.

Tea Dyed Doily Scarf (Arsenic and Old Lace Scarf SOLD)
via: clothes that cover and expose

Google Suchergebnis für ‘dye fabric with tea’
Google Suchergebnis für ‘dye fabric with coffee’
Google Suchergebnis für ‘Stoff mit Tee färben’
Google Suchergebnis für ‘Stoff mit Kaffee färben’

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Homemade Lip Gloss

craftster Lip Gloss

I always have dry lips, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always dry.
Therefore I was glad to find the self-made lip gloss, because I will know what the ingredients are.
However I was a little unsure concerning the quantity of the ingredients, so I looked for more lip gloss recipes.
I think that the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page was used for the lip gloss on the photo.

Let’s see how it works on my lips ;-))

Homemade Lip Gloss (Broncos lipgloss for tweens!)
Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes, e.g. the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page

Gummy Bear Bracelet

cutoutandkeep Gummy Bear Bracelet

I wanted to present the gummy bear bracelet for a long time already and now I managed to do it ;-)
However I didn’t make it yet because I still want to lose weight and I’m afraid that they could ‘disappear’ before I can varnish them ;-))

But it works similarly to the gummi candy lamp that I haven’t made yet for the same reason ;-))

Gummy Bear Bracelet

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Tie-dye Rice

Sakurako Kitsa Tie-dye Rice

Recently the term ‘Bento‘ (a single-portion meal to take away) came up again and I decided to present today the tutorial on how to make ‘cloudy sky’ rice.

Up until now I have never made such a beautiful meal because it’s much too time-consuming for my liking. Instead I spent hours on looking at photos of Bento’s of other people ;-))

I don’t think that I will make the blue rice because I guess that it wouldn’t look so appetizing when served with green and red pappers and brown fish sticks.
But perhaps in pale yellow? ;-))

Tie-dye Rice (tutorial- tie-dye/rainbow rice)

Wikipedia entry for ‘Bento’ (English)
Wikipedia entry for ‘Bentō’ (German)

Flickr group ‘bento boxes’
Google image search result for ‘bento boxes’

Homemade Paint Recipes

unikatissima Homemade Paint Recipes

Via one of my most preferred check-this-out blogs art for housewives I found a website with homemade paint recipes.
I liked best that they are made with stuff from household and tempera paint or food colouring.

On the photo you see some of the ingredients I already gathered, but unfortunately I don’t have no tempera paint nor food colouring at home.
Still to purchase :)

Homemade Paint Recipes
via art for housewives

Recycled Yarns

Recycled Yarns

I really like to crochet (ok, to knit also, but not soo much ;-)).
Anyhow, the yarns are quite expensive.
Therefore I was thrilled when I found the article ‘Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters’. In addition I found a tutorial on how to unravel a sweater.
Equipped with this new know-how I am anxious for the next thrift store visit ;-))
And then I will see to it to get some Kool-Aid or other food colouring to dye my newly achieved yarns myself as taught (amongst others) by knitty.com.
And if it works well, I will give self-made self-striping yarn a try (found via ‘Watermelon Socks’).
This will be better than my previously mentioned coloured yarns. And I think as much fun as the other recycled yarn made from plastic bags.

I’m curious about when I will find the time (and the place! ;-)) to do all this, but it is fixed on my to-do and to-try lists ;-)

Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters
Tutorial on how to unravel a sweater

Dying wool with food colouring
(For other tutorials google for ‘dye kool-aid’)

Self-made self-striping yarn
(via ‘Watermelon Socks’)

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