Round Knitted/Crocheted Cardigans

unikatissima Round Crocheted Cardigan

“When I’m grown-up, I’m gonna be a cardigan.”


Recently I had a talk about cardigans that are knitted or crocheted more or less as a big, round ‘rug’ and then simply worn.
Hard to imagine, isn’t it? ;-)

I had promised to present here tutorials for such things and I suggest that you check out one or two links, then you will know what I’m talking about ;-)

By the way I’m sure that these aren’t all, if you know more, I’d be glad if you’d put a reference into the comments.




Patchwork Knitting Inspirations

patchworkstrickenundmehr Patchwork Knitting Inspirations

I find patchwork knitting somehow fascinating, now I found a photo album of sweaters and the like made in patchwork knitting photo album of sweaters and the like made in patchwork knitting, that really thrills me: they are so different and I find every piece interesting.
I think that they are very good arguments for patchwork knitting ;-)

There is even a sweater where the ‘middle’ of the patchwork square is a braid sweater where the ‘middle’ of the patchwork square is a braid, I have never seen this before.

Marion’s Picasa Web Album
The original site doesn’t exist any more, but I there are photos of Marion’s sweaters and the like made in patchwork knitting somewhere else.
via: Patchwork stricken und mehr (German)

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Module Sock
What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?

Needle Felting Your Knit

unikatissima Needle Felting Your Knit

I presented before some tutorials and inspirations on the subject of ‘felting’, but it were mostly instructions on how to produce something from felt.
The tutorial on how to felt on self-knitted items is a little different: we take a sweater or bag or the like that we have knitted (ok, bought works also ;-)) and applique a felt decoration.
I surely will give it a try once!

Decorate Your Knitting with Needle Felting

Here at unikatissima: entries with the tag ‘felting’

Intarsia Knitting

unikatissima Intarsia Knit Heart

I’ve not yet done with the heart template from the Beaded Square Stitch Heart and the Cross Stitch Heart ;-)
Today you can see that the template can easily be used for some Intarsia Knitting.
How about some wristwarmers or a headband (possibly even fringed ;-)) for someone you love for Valentine’s Day?
I simply knit a piece to be glued on a greeting card, I like this, too ;-)


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


Learn Intarsia Knitting

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Beaded Square Stitch Heart
Cross Stitch Heart
Calorimetry Headband
Knitting fringes at Actinia

Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe

Square 'n' Fair - Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe

I proudly present my first self designed
Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe (PDF ~705 KB)!

It is a PDF-File that contains the diagram for the crochet square Margarethe that I designed (it is my first! ;-)).
On the photo you see a big scarf I made with this pattern (but I haven’t blocked it yet – it will look much more beautiful then ;-))

I also included several matching diagrams in the PDF-file to this square (‘elements’): a rectangular half square, a triangular half square, a ‘squeezed square’ and two patterns for matching ‘ribbons’.
Additionally I have inserted several ideas on how to combine the different elements and project ideas about what to do with the elements.

Because different terms are used for the same stitches in British and American English, you can find photo and text descriptions of the used stitches in order to easily identify them (not meant as a tutorial).

Best try it yourself:
Use different materials, as e.g. thick wool yarns, middle acryl yarns ;-), fine cotton yarns, embroidery floss, raffia, package string, gift ribbon/gift curling ribbon, yarn made from plastic bags
Make different items, as e.g. sweaters, vests, tops, cardigans, scarves, shawls, headbands, hats, mittens, wristwarmers, skirts, purses, wallets, totes, scrunchies, collars, appliqués, insertions, book or journal covers, tablecloths, place mats, glass coasters, pillows, window or door decorations, bedthrows, ornaments for greeting cards …

If you want to make clothing, check again crochet patterns for/from square medaillons (you won’t need the medaillon patterns this time, but only the women clothing models ;-)) and the basic woman measurement charts for clothing patterns at the website of Jessica Tromp.

Square ‘n’ Fair – Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe (PDF ~705 KB)

Jessica Tromp:
Crochet patterns for/from square medaillons
Basic woman measurement charts for clothing patterns

At craftster: Curling Ribbon+Crochet Hook=Many Purses

At Marlo’s Crochet Corner: Cutting the plastic bag ‘yarn’

At Craft Chi: Doily Racerback

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Plastic Bag Tote
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Clothespin bobbins

Clothespin bobbins

Once I found a really good idea on how to make inexpensive bobbins from clothespins.
Later I found more very good ideas at Gabriela Marková’s Kumihimo blog, all entries labelled with ‘Equipment’.
You can use those bobbins very good when making you own Kumihimo cord.

Learn Intarsia Knitting (the clothespin bobbins are mentioned there)

At Gabriela Marková’s Kumihimo blog:
All entries labelled with ‘Equipment’ (English)

Recycled Yarns

Recycled Yarns

I really like to crochet (ok, to knit also, but not soo much ;-)).
Anyhow, the yarns are quite expensive.
Therefore I was thrilled when I found the article ‘Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters’. In addition I found a tutorial on how to unravel a sweater.
Equipped with this new know-how I am anxious for the next thrift store visit ;-))
And then I will see to it to get some Kool-Aid or other food colouring to dye my newly achieved yarns myself as taught (amongst others) by
And if it works well, I will give self-made self-striping yarn a try (found via ‘Watermelon Socks’).
This will be better than my previously mentioned coloured yarns. And I think as much fun as the other recycled yarn made from plastic bags.

I’m curious about when I will find the time (and the place! ;-)) to do all this, but it is fixed on my to-do and to-try lists ;-)

Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters
Tutorial on how to unravel a sweater

Dying wool with food colouring
(For other tutorials google for ‘dye kool-aid’)

Self-made self-striping yarn
(via ‘Watermelon Socks’)

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