Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings

Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings

I love to crochet lacy scarves, but I don’t like to always work the same pattern.
Therefore I was looking for some patterns for such lacy crochet scarves and didn’t find what I was searching for.
Then an idea stroke: What is a lacy crochet scarf but two edgings back-to-back?


Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings
On the first photo you see one of my scarves made from a handkerchief edging from a magazine I bought. I used acrylic yarn. The second one is from a towel edging from another book. And for the third I first crocheted a middle strip which I surrounded afterwards by a self designed edging.


Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings
Addendum: By the way, I found this idea so clever, that I entered this post to the This Thursday is all about… challenge 3 Clearly Clever ;-))
Therefore Tracey’s comment ;-)

Crocheted Edging Links
Crochet Pattern Central: Free Edging Crochet Pattern Links
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Detangling Yarns

Detangling Yarns

The original title of this tutorial is ‘Knitting from both ends without going mad’ which is very to the point ;-)
I mostly work with the yarn end that sits in the skein to prevent the skein to roll all over, but then often the yarn entangles so much, that I nearly can’t work anymore.
This tutorial was really a relief ;-)


Knitting from both ends without going mad (with explaining photos)

Rose Bag

Rose Bag

One day I found this tutorial on how to make a Rose bag – stunning!
I’d love to crochet it one day, but up until now I didn’t get further than the Irish rose on the photo ;-)
(I know that the Rose bag isn’t done as Irish Rose, but it looks like ;-))


Tutorial on how to make a Rose bag

Irish Rose:
Two-Layer Irish Crochet Rose Free Pattern

Translations of Crochet Terms

Crochet Spiral

Crochet Spiral

Sometimes you want to crochet not only a spiral, but a multicoloured spiral (beautiful in Freeform Needlework!).
I once found even two tutorials for crochet spirals, but the links don’t work anymore (I put them to the Links below in case you like to try them).
But because I didn’t found no more instructions I wrote a tutorial myself based on the previously found tutorials:

You will need 3 skeins of yarn in matching gauges.

Work in spirals, though NEVER JOIN!

st = stitch
sc = single crochet

1st row: work 6 sc on magic ring
2nd row: work 2 sc in each st = double each st = 12 st
work the 1st 4 st in colour A, the 2nd 4 st in colour B and the 3rd 4 st in colour C
3rd row: work * 1 sc, 2 sc in next st *, repeat from * to * = double each 2nd st = 18 st
work the 1st 6 st in colour A, the 2nd 6 st in colour B and the 3rd 6 st in colour C
4th row: work * 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc in next st *, repeat from * to * = double each 3rd st = 24 st
work the 1st 8 st in colour A, the 2nd 8 st in colour B and the 3rd 8 st in colour C

(Click picture to enlarge)
Crochet Spiral Hints:

  • At the colour change pull the loop of the ‘old’ colour into a large loop that you lay aside until you pick it up for the next round (see detail photo with loops).
  • The spiral gets hexagonal when worked this way. If you want to avoid this, move the place where you work two stitches in one stitch a little around (see photo above).

(Click picture to enlarge)
Crochet Spiral

Both links didn’t work when I tried them:
Crochet Spiral
Crochet Spiral

Magic ring
(Google results)
The Magic Adjustable Ring: A Better Way to Begin Crochet in the Round: very good illustrated instruction
Häkeln lernen: Der Fadenring (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Freeform Needlework

Broomstick Lace Scarf

Broomstick Lace Scarf

After I have found tutorials on how to make Broomstick Lace I wanted to try it (for tutorials see Links below).
I like lacy scarves. So I made a scarf from it.


Broomstick Lace Scarf
That is how I did it:

  • Yarn (I used acrylic yarn)
  • Matching crochet hook
  • Dowel / Ruler / Cardboard tube (as you can see I used a cardboard tube)

Row 1: Chain as much as you want the scarf to be long (I chained 240). It must be a multiple of 4.
Row 2: Crochet every chain with one Broomstick Lace loop.
Row 3: Take four Broomstick Lace loops and crochet 1 sc (single crochet), 1 hdc (half double crochet), 1 dc (double crochet) and 1 sc (single crochet) around the four strands.
Do this with all groups of four Broomstick Lace loops until the end.
Finish this side and begin again at the other side of your first chain to work the second half of your scarf.

Broomstick Lace Tutorial (with explaining photos)
Broomstick Lace Tutorial (with explaining videos)