Antique Pattern Library

Irish Crochet Doily

Via allfreecrafts – Crochet Doilies in Imitation of Point Lace Work I found the Antique Pattern Library.
They looked for books where the copyright has expired (public domain) and scanned the instructions. Those scans are offered for free (under certain circumstances) as PDFs angeboten (Look out, some of them are quite large, but unfortunately they haven’t noted the size).

Have fun with crochet, knitting, tatting, netting, embroidery, needle lace, beading and other needlework patterns ;-)

Antique Pattern Library

allfreecrafts – Crochet Doilies in Imitation of Point Lace Work

Wikipedia entry: Public domain

Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf

craftster Raggedy Scarf

I found at craftster (again! ;-)) something beautiful: the colorful raggedy scrap scarf.

I imagine that some big self-made knitting needles could be used?!

I guess that I’ll have to purchase a lot of jumble sale fabric and old t-shirts, because I don’t have much fabric scraps ;-)
To-do-list again ;-))

At craftster:
Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf
Chopstick/dowel knitting needle tutorial

How to cut down a t-shirt
How to cut fabric strips from old t-shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Self-made Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles

Freeform CAL

unikatissima Freeform Crochet Along

A ‘Freeform CAL’ is a ‘Freeform Crochet along’, viz., everybody works following the same specification and see, how (different) the results can be.

And I liked this Freeform CAL especially, because I find it often difficult/exhausting to think of a new stitch every time while working freeform.


Here are some specifications:

  • “DC an amount of stitches equal to the number of letters in your full name”
  • “…please do a cluster for each pair of shoes you own” (therefore the photo ;-))
  • “Let’s play. Take a breath, how many times can you say the phrase ‘floppy fluffy puppies’ before you need to take another or you trip over your tongue? That many shell stitches please “

I find it great: this way you have a ‘pattern’ you can follow even when you work freeform and when you look at the pictures at the Freeform CAL thread you will see that every item looks different from the others.

I’m amazed!

Freeform CAL at

Here at unikatissima: Freeform Needlework

Beautiful Filet Crochet Patterns

Project Gutenberg-Ladies Work-Book Filet Crochet

Another discovery at Project Gutenberg: The Ladies’ Work-Book – Containing Instructions In Knitting, Crochet, Point-Lace, &c. Unfortunately I don’t know when it was published.
You can find there very interesting patterns, e.g. beautiful filet crochet patterns as on the picture.
One day…

Project Gutenberg
The Ladies’ Work-Book – Knitting, Crochet, Point-Lace, &c.

Vintage Knitting Patterns

Project Gutenberg-Exercises in Knitting Titlepage.jpg

There’s more to be found at Project Gutenberg: This time a book with knitting patterns from 1846 (when I read the roman cyphers MDCCCXLVI accurately ;-)): Exercises in Knitting.
Unfortunately there are no pictures at all, if you want to know, whether you like the pattern, you have to be able to ‘read’ it from the description or you have to try it.
Not good for unpatient people like me.

Project Gutenberg
Exercises in Knitting