Ladies’ Knitted Gloves

Project Gutenberg-Handbook Wool Knitting-Ladies Gloves

At Project Gutenberg I found more books about needlecraft, e.g. the Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet from 1918.
They have e.g. nice knitted Ladie’s gloves (see picture).
It’s still warm, we thus have enough time to knit some cute Ladie’s gloves for us/a good friend ;-)
Most patterns are naturally out of fashion, but some knee caps for people who must warm their knees or the Tam-o’-Shanter, a kind of bonnet, can be up to date.

Project Gutenberg
Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet


crochetme Shoe-torial

I always like to crochet, best not too large projects (because of the patience ;-))
The Shoe-torial therefore hits the mark: it is a tutorial on how to revamp shoes with crochet.

I think that it should work also by knitting, but anyway that’s not my cup of tea.

At the next opportunity I will check my shoes if they can be revamped that way ;-)


Spool Knitting

Project Gutenberg Spool Knitting

I’m browsing from time to time Project Gutenberg and found last time a book about spool knitting from 1909. They have mittens, bed shoes, a baby ball and much more, all made from I-cords.
It feels to me like a book from the 70th’s ;-))

Perhaps I do a little rummage to play with my knitting spool once more ;-)

Spool Knitting, by Mary A. McCormack


Handspun Newspaper Yarn

Handspun Newspaper Yarn

I’m always interested in articles about weaving and spinning, even though I neither weave nor spin.
But that is the reason why I was so stunned by the tutorial on how to spin newspapers to yarn.
I really would like to try it – one day ;-))

Handspun Newspaper Yarn

Clothespin bobbins

Clothespin bobbins

Once I found a really good idea on how to make inexpensive bobbins from clothespins.
Later I found more very good ideas at Gabriela Marková’s Kumihimo blog, all entries labelled with ‘Equipment’.
You can use those bobbins very good when making you own Kumihimo cord.

Learn Intarsia Knitting (the clothespin bobbins are mentioned there)

At Gabriela Marková’s Kumihimo blog:
All entries labelled with ‘Equipment’ (English)