Braided Bracelet with Beads

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Recently I saw a woman in the underground wearing a bracelet that I liked.
It looked quite easy and after trying it I noticed that it is ;-)


That’s what you do:
unikatissima Braided Bracelet with Beads Knot seven threads together and fix somewhere.
String beads on the middle thread and part the other six threads in two strands.
Note: I used some cotton crochet thread for the test because I didn’t have no beads to be strung on heavier yarn.


unikatissima Braided Bracelet with Beads Braid the three strands just like you’d do with your hair.
Make sure that the threads of the strands made of several threads lay neatly side by side.
As for the middle thread let lay a bead between the other strands at every braid.


Braid until you reached the desired length for a bracelet or a necklace and add a matching closure at both ends (links to closures see below).

The bracelet I’ve seen was made of hemp or the like, but I think that it would look great with fine leather strings, too.
As well I guess that one could use different sized beads and of course you can omit the beads.

Google search results for the making of closures:
Google search result for ‘bracelet closure’
Google image search result for ‘bracelet closure’

Google search result for ‘armband verschluss anleitung’
Google image search result for ‘armband verschluss anleitung’

Jewelry from Wire and Polymer Clay

flickr alkhymeia Wire Work and Polymer Clay

I found a short but good tutorial on how to make beautiful jewelry from wire and polymer clay.
At the moment I don’t have any jewelry wire at home and I’m not working with polymer clay anymore, but this tutorial made me feel like beginning once more!

At flickr: Tutorial Wire Work and Polymer Clay (photos only)

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

unikatissima Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

I know the instruction on how to knit the multidirectional diagonal scarf for a long time, and eventually I managed to try it out: on a really tiny scarf ;-)
As long as I tried to understand the pattern, it didn’t work, but when I obstinately followed the instruction without thinking, it worked great.
And the moral of the story: Always act as if daft ;-)
I don’t find it hard at all ;-))

I really like the pattern and I hope that I will make something ‘real’ from it one day.

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf