Miwa Koizumi PET project

I wrote several entries about crafting with plastic bottles (see links below), this one is more of an inspiration: I’d like to present the PET-project and the wonderful PET jewelry.
Fantastic, aren’t they?

Flower with sash

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Knitted/Crocheted Bangles
Plastic Bottle Beads
Plastic Bottle Box
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DIY Shrinky Dinks
Box from woven PET stripes

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Tea Bag Envelopes

unikatissima Tea Bag Envelopes

I’m collecting nearly everything (and that’s how it looks here, too ;-)) and from now on I will collect used tea bags, too, to make beautiful envelopes from.
I’m really curious about it. ;-))
On the photo you see my Rooibosh tea bags. I find that the Rooibosh tea gives the most beautiful colour, a very warm red-brown :)

By the way it must look great, too, if the tea bags are sewn together and/or if they are embellished after assembly, e.g. by embroidering, painting or stamping them.

Recycling Tea Bags into Art Projects: How to Create Tea Bag Envelopes

“Tea Ceremony” – sewn tea bags
(via Wewer Keohane)
Sas Colby Teabag Art Discourse – stamped tea bags
T-Bag – Tea Bag Designs – painted tea bags

Here at unikatissima: Paper Crazy Quilt – embroidered paper

Polymer Clay Tsunami Cane

unikatissima Polymer Clay Tsunami Cane

Loooong ago I found the tutorial on how to make the polymer clay tsunami cane and tried it then immediately.
I find the cane really beautiful, but unfortunately I made more of a disk that I couldn’t reduce anymore.
It lays since years cased in a plastic bag and seems now to be quite hardened and brittle ;-(
But I can’t throw it away yet, I could still get an idea about what to do with it ;-))

The Tsunami Cane

Here at unikatissima: Reducing Polymer Clay Canes

Online Cone Calculator

My entry ‘Constructing a Cone’ was much to wordy ;-), therefore I wrote an online cone calculator.


Note: Unfortunately the online cone calculator seemingly doesn’t work under all circumstances and I don’t have the time to struggle through. That’s why I write the formula by all means behind.

Well, you have disabled javascript, which means that the online cone calculator doesn’t work anyway.

You have 2 options now:

  • enable javascript
  • calculate the cone data yourself using the following formula.


The black cone is what we want to get.
small diameter = smaller desired diameter
large diameter = larger desired diameter
height = desired height
QT = small diameter / 2
RS = large diameter / 2
PQ = QT * height / (RS – QT)
PR = PQ + height

PT = √((PQ * PQ) + (QT * QT));
PS = √((PR * PR) + (RS * RS));
(√ is sqrt is square root)

angle to cut away =
360 * (1 – ((2 * π * RS) / (2 * π * PS)))

inner circle diameter = 2 * PT;
outer circle diameter = 2 * PS;

unikatissima Example Cone

And now proceed:
Draw two centered circles with the inner and outer diameter, draw the calculated angle and cut it away.
The result should be a template for a cone with the specified measurements ;-)
If you don’t have a protractor you can print and cut the degrees disk from the entry ‘Constructing a Cone’.

If you want to know more exactly what you’re doing here, check the entry ‘Constructing a Cone’ after all ;-)

Here at unikatissima: ‘Constructing a Cone’

Crochet Cables

unikatissima Crochet Cable

Recently I ‘discovered’ crochet cables via the ravelry group ‘Crochet Celtic Cables’.
I knew them for long but up until now I never found them very nice.
This is different now ;-))
They seem to be as versatile as their knitted ‘siblings’ and I will surely get back to them once more.


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Even an instruction for Tunisian crochet cables:
ARNie’s Method for Working Tunisian Crochet Cables

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