Paperless Origami

unikatissima Paperless Origami

If you’re folding origami figures they often come undone, are collapsing or sagging.
That’s especially vexing if they were meant to be a holiday decoration.
But now I found a very good solution to avoid sagging origami figures: fold the origami figures from fusible interfacing.
I must say that I find the photos of the tutorial persuasive.
Something more to try one day ;-))
(P.S.: On the photo you can see my iron for a start, I still have to purchase fusible interfacing ;-))

Paperless Origami

Calorimetry Headband

unikatissima Calorimetry

I really wanted to have a hat, but with my ponytail I don’t like them.
The Calorimetry Headband was the solution and I knitted it in a very short time.
You can see it on the photo ‘in action’.
(To take a photo of myself is not as simple as I thought ;-)))

I find the Calorimetry Headband brilliant.
First: a hat is for people with long hair often difficult to wear and the headband put all those problems away.
Second: I like the short rows pattern.
And third: because it can be done in a really short time it is a very good gift for the (ok, last but one) minute.
And it can even be knitted by impatient people ;-))

unikatissima Calorimetry
I had to adapt the size and the number of stitches, because I used totally different yarn, but I’m really pleased with it ;-)

At knitty: Calorimetry

Wikipedia entry: Calorimetry


String Decorated Ornaments

crealic String Decorated Ornament

A nice method to create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments (and much more) shows this tutorial on how to make string decorated ornaments (French).

It’s very easy:

  1. You choose the element to be decorated ((foam) sphere, box, paper bag etc.).
  2. Paint the pattern on with PVA glue (if necessary after sketching them with a pen).
  3. Put the string on the glue and fix with pins. The glue dries transparently.
  4. After the glue has dried, take away the pins and paint your ornament (or box or what ever you decorated). You can paint the string in another colour than the element. Additionally you can paint some little decorative patterns to lighten the background.

Best if you check the photos of the instruction, they explain every thing very well.

String Decorated Ornaments (Décors divers en ficelle) (French)

Lenticular Images from Your Photos

photojojo Lenticular Image

A lenticular image is an image that looks different depending on how you look at it.
photojojo published a tutorial on how to make such an image.


I already did the first steps:
From those images
unikatissima Lenticular Image unikatissima Lenticular Image


I created this one ;-)
unikatissima Lenticular Image


I just have to print the picture, to cut it, fold it, stuff it into the frame … ;-))

By the way, I ‘cut’ the pictures in stripes with the help of Splitz, a little freeware program. That was faster ;-) (Links see below)

4 Easy Steps to Making Old-Fashioned Lenticular Images from Your Photos

Wikipedia entry: Lenticular image

Google search result for ‘splitz software’