Closed Cast On

FluffyKnitterDeb Turkish Cast On

Some time ago I found a cast on for knitting that makes a real little bag without seams.
She uses it e.g. for socks which are knitted up from the toes.

I knitted a little bag and it worked great.
When reading it I thought that I dont’t understand it at all but when I simply did what she wrote it worked without problem.
I immediately unraveled the little bag because I didn’t need any little bag – but I should have taken a photo at least ;-))

Closed Cast On (Knitting Made Easier – Turkish Cast On Tutorial)

via: Tutorials: Turkish Cast-On

Homemade Lip Gloss

craftster Lip Gloss

I always have dry lips, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always dry.
Therefore I was glad to find the self-made lip gloss, because I will know what the ingredients are.
However I was a little unsure concerning the quantity of the ingredients, so I looked for more lip gloss recipes.
I think that the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page was used for the lip gloss on the photo.

Let’s see how it works on my lips ;-))

Homemade Lip Gloss (Broncos lipgloss for tweens!)
Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes, e.g. the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page

Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace

unikatissima Herringbone Ndebele Necklace

Some time ago I made a Herringbone or Ndebele necklace.
I find it beautiful, it is wonderfully sleeky and simply elegant.
And I found the bead weaving itself downright relaxing.

To make sure that the necklace doesn’t look boring I simply made a little Peyote bead like for my paper beads bracelet, pulled it over the necklace and worked little bead fringes on the bead like for the pages 9 & 10 of my artist book – looots ;-)
Well, I like it ;-)

Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace(Beaded Herringbone Cord)

Peyote Beads (Beaded Bead)

Here at unikatissima:
Making Paper Beads
Artist Book
Pages 9 & 10 of the artist book

Necklace Bust

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips  Necklace Bust

If you have necklaces you can always do with something to hang them up, as e.g. the mini dress-form jewelry stand.
That’s something you can use the wonderful bust for.
But it is also something very special if you want to sell jewelry.

Incidentally I think that you can craft it a little smaller if you need a gift wrap or sales wrapping for your necklace.
If the bust is made as greeting card the necklace can directly be send with it!?

If you make such a bust I’d really appreciate a comment with a link (as I’m glad about every comment ;-))

How to Make a Necklace Bust

Here at unikatissima:
Mini Dress-Form Jewelry Stand

Gummy Bear Bracelet

cutoutandkeep Gummy Bear Bracelet

I wanted to present the gummy bear bracelet for a long time already and now I managed to do it ;-)
However I didn’t make it yet because I still want to lose weight and I’m afraid that they could ‘disappear’ before I can varnish them ;-))

But it works similarly to the gummi candy lamp that I haven’t made yet for the same reason ;-))

Gummy Bear Bracelet

Here at unikatissima:
Gummi Candy Lamp