Crazy Daisy Ring

unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring

After having played around with Crazy Daisies (see links below) I found out that you can make a ring from them very easily.


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring You take a Crazy Daisy (instructions see links below) and attach a ring ;-)


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Ring In this case I made and attached a simple, single-coloured Kumihimo strap from the same yarn I used for the Crazy Daisy.
I could have used a simple wire ring, similar to the River Troll Ring, a woven ring, a macramé ring similar to the Beaded Macramé Bracelet, a fingerlooped ring, a crocheted or knitted ring, a simple beaded ring, a Peyote Ring, etc etc etc ;-))

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Beaded Macramé Bracelet

DIY Fisheye Lens

unikatissima DIY Fisheye Lens

Another great idea: to make a fisheye lens for your camera with old glasses!
Because I had no suitable glasses I cheated just a little bit by creating the fisheye effect with my graphics program.

But one day…

At photojojo: The DIY Fisheye Lens — Using Nothin’ But a Pair of Old Glasses and Some Tape

At flickr: examples for photos made with the fisheye