Sketch for Card

unikatissima Card Sketch

Pages of the heart presented once weekly a card sketch for making cards. Together with the beautiful cards made by others it is always an inspiration for card making.

On the photo you see a card I made following the weekly sketch #9 (but I turned it around).
The card background is stamped with bought as well as self-made stamps and the daisies are hand embroidered just as the paper crazy quilt.

They are re-vamping the website, so it is a little more laborious to reach the articles: Go to the articles site and search there (left navigation bar) for ‘Weekly Sketch’ in the categorie ‘Cards’.
The result will compensate for the trouble :)

At Pages of the heart: Card sketches
Browse them by going to the articles site and search there (left navigation bar) for ‘Weekly Sketch’ in the categorie ‘Cards’

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps
Paper Crazy Quilt

Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf

craftster Raggedy Scarf

I found at craftster (again! ;-)) something beautiful: the colorful raggedy scrap scarf.

I imagine that some big self-made knitting needles could be used?!

I guess that I’ll have to purchase a lot of jumble sale fabric and old t-shirts, because I don’t have much fabric scraps ;-)
To-do-list again ;-))

At craftster:
Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf
Chopstick/dowel knitting needle tutorial

How to cut down a t-shirt
How to cut fabric strips from old t-shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Self-made Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles

Inga’s Häkelbeutel – German Granny Square Bag

unikatissima Ingas Haekelbeutel mit Quadrat Margarethe

Via a craftster thread (Inga’s Häkelbeutel ~ German Granny Square Bag (CAL)) I found the tutorial for Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB).
The Granny square bag is to be found everywhere in internet and I understand why, because it is a brilliant idea.

On the photo I took my Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe from the day before yesterday and assembled it (digitally) to Inga’s Häkelbeutel – I haven’t had time yet to do it ‘for real’.
Looks good anyhow, doesn’ it?

At craftster: Inga’s Häkelbeutel ~ German Granny Square Bag (CAL) (‘CAL’ means ‘Crochet Along’: everybody crochet the same thing and later they compare the results)

Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB – Englisch)
Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB – German)

Make Your Own Spacer Bars

unikatissima Spacer Bar

When stringing bead jewelry you sometimes need spacer bars to keep beads or strings of your jewelry items apart. You can buy them as a matter of course, but I like much better making the needed spacer bars myself.

On the photo you see a first attempt.
Both middle spirals are meant to pass strings of a necklace through, the outer spirals are ‘nothing but’ decoration.
Not bad for a start, isn’t? ;-))

Making Your Own Spacer Bars