Colour Combinations

kris's color stripes Colours

A good many times I need colour combinations for all sorts of things and it is diffcult for me to select colours so, that I like them.
kris’s color stripes is a great help because she takes photos and ‘extracts’ a colour palette from them.
If you’re not interested in the photos to the colour combinations you can go directly to kris’s other blog where you find ‘only’ the colour combinations and where you can let search all colour combinations for one colour (e.g. orange).

kris’s color stripes ( – photos and their colour combinations

kris’s color stripes ( – ‘only’ the colour combinations
all colour combinations with orange

Self-made Fabric Print Stamp Pad

jezze Fabric Print Stamp Pad

Somewhen I also want to try fabric printing and then the instruction on how to make a fabric print stamp pad will come handy.

I think that it should also be usable as ‘normal’ ink pad, I should try this sometime.

Self-made Fabric Print Stamp Pad (‘Tech’ update)

Here at unikatissima: Entries with the tag ‘stamping’

Gourd Purses

allfreecrafts Gourd Purses

I don’t remember what I was searching for, but then I found the tips and hints for making gourd purses.
A little more research showed more gourd crafts at the same site and even a site only dedicated to the subject of making your own gourd purse making your own gourd purse.
There you can find more instructions, for coiled rims from seagrass coiled rims from seagrass or pine needles pine needles e.g.

I find them all most beautiful but (fortunately?!) ;-)) I can’t get no gourds, otherwise I could be tempted to try this, too ;-)

At All Free Crafts:

At Southeast Texas Gourd Patch (see left navigation bar there):

Tutorial moved:
At Southeast Texas Gourd Patch (see left navigation bar there):

Google search result for ‘gourd purse’
Google image search result for ‘gourd purse’

Here at unikatissima: Coil a Basket

Aerial Image Greetings

geogreeting unikatissima

Today there’s no tutorial, but I liked the aerial image greetings so much that I wanted to share.

Click on the picture to enlarge and to see better what this is about.

But the picture is only the result, the whole message is revealed letter by letter.

Have fun sending love to good friends!

geoGreeting – How geeks show they care
unikatissima at geoGreeting