Rhombic Dodecahedron Calendar

hbmeyer Rhombic Dodecahedron Calendar

I find this 12-sided calendar a nice idea for a gift.
It is made for 2009 but you can adapt it to 2010 from the blank template yourself, possibly even handwritten and embellished with funny sketches.


Rhombic Dodecahedron and Calendar 2009: paper strips for plaiting
There is also a German version.

Spiral Rope Chain

beltana Spiral Rope Chain

Actually it’s time to bead me a nice necklace, e.g. this spiral chain.
At least I find that I should ;-)

She says that it is an easy stitch that is worked quickly.
Once I tried the stitch and I find that she’s right.
Only I gave the necklace away and took (of course!) no photo before.
Well, I have to make it again, this time for me ;-)

Spiral Rope Chain

Origami Panda

deviantART synconi Brothers

Hmpf, they are kitschy – but I find both Panda brothers cute, anyhow ;-))
And you can find a tutorial, too.

But this is not for me, I haven’t even finished the paper folded bracelet ;-)

Origami Panda (Brothers)
Tutorial for the Origami Pandas (Panda Tutorial WIP)

Here at unikatissima:
Paper folded bracelet
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Wire Hairpin Lace Bracelet

Knit Awry Wire Hairpin Lace Bracelet

You can do a lot with wire – even hair pin lace!
Looks wonderful, the bracelet, doesn’t it?

Oh yes, my list ;-))

But I have already a self-made hair pin lace loom ;-))


Hairpin Lace bracelet : Amber Waves

Hairpin Lace – Creating the Basic Strip (English)
Hairpin Lace (Gabelhäkeln) (German)
via: Hairpin Lace (English and German)

Google search result for ‘hair pin lace’
Google image search result for ‘hair pin lace’

Google search result for ‘Gabelhäkelei’
Google image search result for ‘Gabelhäkelei’

Here at unikatissima: Self-made Hairpin Lace Loom