Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards

PCPolyzine Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards

Ok, these instructions for easy polymer clay cards are slightly too late for making Christmas cards ;-)), but for New Year or Valentine’s Day it will be great ;-))


Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards (Easy Greeting Cards)

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Plaster and Crisp Bag Penholder

Art Attack Plaster and Plastic Bag Penholder

I presented the origamic architecture pencil holder before, here something for people who don’t like it so fiddly: a pen holder made from a plaster-filled crisp bag.

I like the idea :))


Plaster and Crisp Bag Penholder (Crisp Bag Pen And Pencil Holder)

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Origamic Architecture Pencil Holder

Iamond Lantern

mathpuzzle Iamond Lantern

No, no, ‘iamond’ is no typing error, these things are called like this and are nothing else than shapes composed from equilateral triangles.
Here somebody went the (for me crucial) step further and made nice lantern diagrams from.
I still must find out whether they really can be used as lanterns.

The paper lampshade on the other hand is also made from nearly equilateral triangles.

Iamond Lantern (iamonds)
The actual folding diagram (GIF file, ca. 16 KB)

About shapes made from equilateral triangles (Polyiamond)

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Paper Lampshade

Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder

tinylittlelife Jewelry Holder

I presented already the necklace bust and the mini dress-form jewelry stand, now here another just as well idea: a plaster board with cast in doll arms.

It get’s more and more difficult to decide where to put your jewelry, doesn’t it? ;-))


Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder (Jewelry Holder)

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Necklace Bust
Mini Dress-Form Jewelry Stand