Spool Knitting

Project Gutenberg Spool Knitting

I’m browsing from time to time Project Gutenberg and found last time a book about spool knitting from 1909. They have mittens, bed shoes, a baby ball and much more, all made from I-cords.
It feels to me like a book from the 70th’s ;-))

Perhaps I do a little rummage to play with my knitting spool once more ;-)

Spool Knitting, by Mary A. McCormack


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Center Pull Yarn Ball

Center Pull Yarn Ball

As I said before, I mostly knit/crochet with the yarn end that sits in the skein to prevent the skein to roll all over.
Sometimes I must roll my yarn ball myself and I found that the tutorial on how to make my own center pull yarn ball is really a help.
It works great!


Center Pull Yarn Ball

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