Faux Fused Glass

craftster Faux Fused Glass

Some time ago I presented the DIY Shrinky Dinks, now I found at craftster the Faux Fused Glass.
Sheer lunacy!
She published the actual tutorial in her blog.
She uses the ‘real’ shrinky dinks, but it should work with the self-made as well?!

At craftster: Faux Fused Glass

Tutorial on how to make faux fused glass

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River Troll Ring

Chicken Betty River Troll Ring

Needless to say that you can also put jewelry into the advent calendar boxes, such as this lovely River Troll Ring.
It looks as if you could make quasi on the spur of the moment and that it would always be a unique and personal item.
I simply find it beautiful!

River Troll Ring

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A Mailable Mosaic

unikatissima Mailable Mosaic

An advent calendar doesn’t always have to be a lot of filled boxes, why not simply mailing a card a day?
It is more exciting for the recipient if the cards put together form a poster.
Photojojo shows how to make a poster with 24 cards from a photo. I think that you can also use a self-designed Christmas card for an advent calendar.
And on the back you can write a nice, amusing or inspiring aphorism (apart from the address ;-)).

Bei Photojojo: How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic

Google search result for ‘aphorism’
Google search result for ‘aphorismus’

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Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

craftster Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

Actually I wanted to present fillings for the advent calendar this week, but this Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub which is described as ‘smelling really yummy’ won’t presumably not fit into the boxes ;-)
But you can put at least a gift coupon into the advent calendar.

It is absolutely on my somewhen-I-will-make-it-list ;-)

At craftster: Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub
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