unikatissima Quilling

Quilling is quite foreign to my nature, but I wanted to try it at least once.
For me that’ll do, as you can see on the photo my fingers are way too clumsy for this ;-)

Some of the quilling objects look really beautiful, therefore I thought that I should present it anyhow.

Quilling Information – Techniques, Designs & Ideas

Google search result for ‘quilling’
Google image search result for ‘quilling’
Google search result for ‘paper filigree’
Google image search result for ‘paper filigree’

Inspirations I found via the Google image search result for ‘paper filigree’:
Snow Flake Ornament
Fabric’s new life as paper: An entry with great ideas about fabric, quilting and quilling

Crayon Encaustic

unikatissima Crayon Encaustic.jpg

A long time ago I found an instruction for encaustic for poor.
On the photo you see one of the tries I made – I like it ;-))

I think that I will have to do it once more.

Encaustic für Arme (German)

English: Read the section ‘Ironing Crayon’. On this site you find more ideas for melted crayons.

Poptab Bracelet

flickr-ellipse - Poptab Bracelet.jpg

I find this bracelet beautiful. Unfortunately we never drink from aluminium cans, so no poptabs pile up. Therefore I will have to do without my own poptab bracelet.

At flickr: Poptab Bracelet
There are solely very good explaining photos, no text, simply view always the next photo.