Corner Bookmark

Splitcoaststampers Corner Bookmark

In my entry Papierblätter-Kranz (Paper Leaves Wreath in English) Bloomsbury told us in a comment about the corner bookmark.
Thank you again!

Personally I find the corner bookmark from the picture too fanciful – and additionally it is much too bulky with this 3D decoration, I couldn’t close my book anymore
But the instruction is made so, that everybody can make their own bookmark in their own personal style. Great, isn’t it? ;-)

Corner Bookmark

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Papierblätter-Kranz (Paper Leaves Wreath in English)

Recycled Roses

alisa burke Recycled Roses

I find these roses from fabric or paper most beautiful, even without wreath!
And it seems that they are easy to make, which does no harm! ;-))

They should look great for jewelry, too, for a ring or earring e.g.?!

If they’re not exactly your cup of tea simply look for flowers from fabric or flowers from paper ;-)

Recycled Roses Wreath Tutorial

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3-D Sugar Sculpture

craftster 3-D Sugar Sculpture

I find this idea of making palm trees from candy really great again!
She suggests in her instruction to use the technique for ‘suckable’ Christmas wreaths.
Then it should be possible to make edible Halloween wreaths as well?! ;-)

If you want to have other shapes than leaves you can use the home-built 3-D printer ;-)
And as addition to the wreaths you can make the candy shot glasses.

I think that it would be as well interesting to try the special shapes from aluminium foil or the positive moulds from pebbles.

And somehow the whole thing should be possible to be made with chocolade instead of candy, just as the edible stucco, don’t you think so?

Well, somehow this all would be very interesting, wouldn’t it? ;-)

Life Saver 3-D sugar sculpture made easy! (tute)

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Crocheted Bookmarks

Crocheted Bookmarks - Gehäkelte Lesezeichen

I love to crochet but I prefer the item to be crocheted not too big (it’s all a question of patience).
Therefore I like to crochet bookmarks ;-)
On the photo you see the Quickie Bookmark from Priscilla Hewitt. She designed soo beautiful delicate bookmarks! (for more links to instructions for Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks see below)
Some of them can be used to make lacy scarves ;-)
But I think they could be beautiful bracelets, too.

Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks (all English):
Quickie Bookmark
Christmas Wreath Bookmark
Pineapple Bookmark
Heart Corner Bookmark
Icicle Bookmark
Scalloped Bookmark
Jacob’s Ladder Bookmark

Addendum of February 2009: The links above don’t work anymore, you can find the instructions for the bookmarks now as PDF (about 465 KB) at Priscilla’s Crochet – Free Pattern Index, check there for ‘Bookmarks’.

And please read her Terms of Use Terms of Use, that she published at the beginning of the PDF file.

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