Tie Dye Patterns

Tie Dye Patterns

Recently I presented tie-dying with a marker, now I found a graphic showing how to make different tie dye patterns.


tie dye patterns
=> I didn’t find the original source of the graphic, I followed the links to mygreatlifeinablog-deactivated2 that doesn’t exist anymore and that I found as follows:
via: thisisnotallaboutyou
via: bewarethetheatrenerd
via: sloanify
via: carleyanna2
via: summercampconfessions
via: tie dye patterns

Here at unikatissima:
Tie-Dying with a Marker

Nail Polish Splattered Button Ring

instructables pinkchocolatebreak Nail Polish Splattered Button Ring

I think that this is a great idea: splatter a big button with nail polish und put on a ring and in no time you have a nail polish splattered button ring! :)
Surely you can also make a matching necklace and earrings and pin and bracelet and and and ;-)


DIY Jewelry: Nail Polish Splattered Button Ring