Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane

PCPolyzine Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane

I always found the polymer clay Chrysanthemum cane most beautiful!

Besides it’s not long any more until Valentine’s Day where you can possibly do with the Chrysanthemum hearts ;-)
But there are muuuch more interesting polymer clay tutorials ;-)

And if you don’t fancy Chrysanthemums much, there are still a lot of other polymer clay flower canes ;-)

Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane (The Translucent Chrysanthemum Cane)

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Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards

PCPolyzine Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards

Ok, these instructions for easy polymer clay cards are slightly too late for making Christmas cards ;-)), but for New Year or Valentine’s Day it will be great ;-))


Easy Polymer Clay Greeting Cards (Easy Greeting Cards)

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Kumihimo Cord with Heart Pattern

Paulette Adam Kumihimo Hearts

No, today we won’t use the heart template from the last days ;-))
But we’re talking again about hearts for Valentine’s Day ;-)
This time in combination with Kumihimo: Check out the Kumihimo cord with a heart pattern. Cute, isn’t it?

I didn’t start yet to make this cord, it’s still time until Valentine’s Day ;-)))

Kumihimo Cord with Heart Pattern

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Intarsia Knitting

unikatissima Intarsia Knit Heart

I’ve not yet done with the heart template from the Beaded Square Stitch Heart and the Cross Stitch Heart ;-)
Today you can see that the template can easily be used for some Intarsia Knitting.
How about some wristwarmers or a headband (possibly even fringed ;-)) for someone you love for Valentine’s Day?
I simply knit a piece to be glued on a greeting card, I like this, too ;-)


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


Learn Intarsia Knitting

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Cross Stitch Heart

unikatissima Cross Stitch Heart

Valentine’s Day makes everything more heart-ily somehow ;-))
Besides I wanted to show what you can do else with the heart template of the day before yesterday (Beaded Square Stitch Heart), viz. a really nice cross stitch heart.
I didn’t have any Aida fabric or similar, besides I always prefer to embroider on paper or fine cardboard ;-)
I therefore glued some plain gift wrap paper on fine cardboard, pre-pricked the holes (which you should always do when embroidering on paper) and embroidered my heart with metallic sewing threads (instructions on how to embroider the cross stitch see links below).
Subsequently I connected the border holes, cut the cardboard into a nicer shape and glued it on a greeting card.
I really like it ;-)


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


Kids Stitch Diagrams and Instructions ­ Part I
Tutorial moved to: Kids Stitch Diagrams and Instructions ­ Part I => scroll down
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What else you can do with cross stitches (at Embroiderers’ Guild also):
Pattern Making with Cross Stitch

Flinkhands Kreuzstichanleitung (German)

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Beaded Square Stitch Heart

unikatissima Bead Square Stitch Heart

Because it’s not long to Valentine’s Day any more I’d like to offer a template for you to bead a heart with square stitch (for instructions on how to do the square stitch see links below).
It’s great to make a card but can be made into a piece of jewelry as well.


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


unikatissima Bead Square Stitch And here you can see easily where the name ‘square stitch’ comes from ;-))


Standard Square Stitch Beading Tutorial
Making Square Stitch Samples Part I – shows also the ‘Circular Flat Square Stitch’

Perlenhobby Anleitungen (German) => click ‘Anleitungen’ in the left navigational bar => click ‘Quadratstich’

Needle felting with cookie cutters

unikatissima Cookie Cutter Needle Felting

Via craftzine I found a tutorial on how to felt a needle brooch using a cookie cutter.
She used flower cookie cutters, but now, where Christmas isn’t really far away any more, we can dig out the Christmas cookie cutters: stars, moons, Christmas trees, but also hearts etc.

I couldn’t try it yet, but I intend to. And if it works (what I’m assuming ;-)), I want to try to make my own ‘moulds’ from cardboard stripes.
I’m agog ;-)

How To Needle Felt a Flower Brooch
via craftzine – How to make a felted flower:

Heart Pendant

sonyastyle Heart Pendant

While surfing I found again a tutorial on how to make a freeform trinket. I like it very much (I love Freeform ;-))
And doesn’t it look great?

I must rummage again through my beads ;-))

Heart Pendant

Note: I’m getting always a timeout when I want to see the heart pendant tutorial. If you have the same problem, try the webarchive version.

Simple Cro-Tat

Simple Cro-Tat

There is a technique called Cro-Tat, which is a technique between Crochet and Tatting: the item it is crocheted, but looks like tatted. For tutorials look beneath the Links.
I don’t have a straight steel crochet hook and so I figured out how to do this in another way.
It is a kind of clothesline crochet: I am crocheting a simple chain that I ‘decorate’ with single crochets.
I once wrote a (German) tutorial on how to make a Mother’s Day card with a Simple Cro-Tat Ornament. It is heavily illustrated ;-)
Anyhow: ‘Luftmasche’ is chain, ‘feste Masche’ is single crochet and ‘Kettmasche’ is slip stitch, the actual row is red, the previously worked rows are in black.

Tutorial on how to make a Mother’s Day card with a Simple Cro-Tat Ornament (German)
Tutorial on how to make another Simple Cro-Tat Ornament (German) (‘Zusammen häkeln’ means join)

Cro-Tat Instructions (English) The link isn’t available no more. Try instead to find an appropriate tutorial in this list of Cro-Tat Instructions.
Cro-Tat Instructions (German)

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