Recycled Magazine Rollups

PattieWack Magazine Rollups

I found a really nice decoration for cylindrical containers, the tutorial on how to make a vase from recycled magazine paper tutorial on how to make a vase from recycled magazine paper. You need a glass or a can, but for other containers that don’t have to be watertight a cardboard tube will suffice.
I like it, especially because it is often difficult to make watertight containers from paper.


Recycled Magazine Rollups
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Recycled Magazine Rollups

See also here at unikatissima: Entries with the tag ‘paper maché’

Buy Nothing Day

unikatissima Buy Nothing Day

Today is Buy Nothing Day.

I found it via the Buy Nothing Swap thread which I found browsing the craftster Swap Galleries and where I found the gallery of the Buy Nothing Swap and the Buy Nothing Swap Round 2 ;-)

I want to see if I can’t realize the idea behind in some small ways it in the following year :)

Buy Nothing Day

At craftster:
Buy Nothing Swap thread

Swap Galleries:
Buy Nothing Swap
Buy Nothing Swap Round 2

Aluminium Can Jewelry

espritcabane Aluminum Can Jewelry

I love recycling tutorials and therefore this tutorial on how to make aluminium can jewelry should hit the spot.
Additionally I really like the items, better than others.

But I haven’t bought aluminium cans for years and I don’t think that I will begin to buy them now just to make jewelry from the them ;-))

Aluminium Can Jewelry

Paper Flowers

instructables Simple Paper Flowers

I found at instructables a tutorial on how to make paper flowers.
It seems to be quite easy and they are looking amazingly beautiful!

When the gift wrapping begins soon this can be a wonderful decoration.
But it could be also a beautiful pin for a beautiful woman ;-))

At instructables: Simple Paper Flowers

Faux Fused Glass

craftster Faux Fused Glass

Some time ago I presented the DIY Shrinky Dinks, now I found at craftster the Faux Fused Glass.
Sheer lunacy!
She published the actual tutorial in her blog.
She uses the ‘real’ shrinky dinks, but it should work with the self-made as well?!

At craftster: Faux Fused Glass

Tutorial on how to make faux fused glass

Here at unikatissima: DIY Shrinky Dinks