Knitting Loom from Plastic Bottle

knitchat Plastic Bottle Knitting Looms

I always wanted to play around with a knitting loom, but I won’t buy such an item!
Therefore I was delighted when finding the instruction on how to make a knitting loom from a plastic bottle.
For a begin she even added a tutorial for a much easier knitting loom from a toilet paper roll and some popsicle sticks (that’s no April Fool’s joke ;-))!

I will try the loom from the bottle in any case :)

Knitting Loom from Plastic Bottle (How To’s Day: Bored? Nothing to do, Make a knitting loom with stuff in your house!)

Basic Loom and Board Instructions
There are two PDF files: Knitting Board Basics (ca 790 KB) and Loom Knitting Basics (ca 3300 KB)

She even added a tutorial on how to make mitered squares with a knitting loom (see also here at unikatissima the Patchwork knitting and the Module Sock)

Here at unikatissima:
Patchwork knitting
Module Sock

Making Hollow Tube Beads from Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Central Hollow Bead

Ok, the title isn’t the best ever made, but the bead does look beautiful, doesn’t it? ;-)
I have it on my have-a-go-at-it-list for a long time already but it keeps being pushed down by other projects.
Now I place it back to the top ;-)

At Polymer Clay Central: Making Hollow Tube Beads


Self-made Hook and Eye Clasp

Polymer Clay Central Hook and Eye Clasp

When you have finished your bracelet or your necklace you sometimes ask yourself: Where do I get now a beautiful closure?
I found an instruction for a self-made hook and eye clasp that I didn’t try yet.
But I think that you can’t make things very wrong, can’t you?

At Polymer Clay Central: Hook and Eye Clasp

Fabric Origami

unikatissima Fabric Origami

Recently a friend had the idea to make some Origami with fabric but the fabric didn’t fold properly.
Some research showed that there are more people who do this and that they simply stiffen the fabric with starch or fabric stiffener.
And then (it seems!) that you can simply start folding… :)
By the way there seem even to be two groups: those who incorporate their Origami fabric in their quilts and those who fold other things like wallets.
Unfortunately I don’t have much fabric (because of the design) that I could use for Origami folding and I won’t surely begin to build up a fabric stash here, but somehow…

At instructables: Fabric Origami Quilt Block

At Origami Resource Center: Fabric folding – scroll down to about the center until ‘Fabric Origami Quilts’ and ‘Fabric Origami’

Fabric Origami – under ‘Technique’ you can find more ideas about what to do with ‘solid fabric’: stamping, maschine embroidery, lamination etc.