Poptab Bracelet

flickr-ellipse - Poptab Bracelet.jpg

I find this bracelet beautiful. Unfortunately we never drink from aluminium cans, so no poptabs pile up. Therefore I will have to do without my own poptab bracelet.

At flickr: Poptab Bracelet
There are solely very good explaining photos, no text, simply view always the next photo.

Cassette Tape Coin Purse

craftster Cassette Tape Coin Purse

I stll have some old cassettes I don’t listen to anymore. But because I’m always reluctant to throw anything away I’m thinking of making some purses from the cassettes by following the tutorial at craftster ;-)

At craftster: Cassette Tape Coin Purse
The description how she made the purse is somewhere in the thread.

Not your Mama’s Rubber Gloves

oilclothaddict Rubber Gloves

I don’t like rubber gloves because they 1. don’t feel good and 2. look silly.
Now I can do something against the silly look by following the instruction on how to revamp rubber gloves.
Because I haven’t found anything yet against the first point, I think that I won’t never try them, but I found them great anyway :)

Links: Not your Mama’s Rubber Gloves

Poor Man Side Flash

unikatissima Poor Man Side Flashunikatissima Poor Man Side Flash

The instruction on how to make a poor man side flash is really great!
I just made a very quick try. On the left photo you see an indirectly flashed glass and on the right photo a directly flashed glass.
I find the result convincing, especially because I 1. didn’t pay anything for it and it was 2. a very, very quick try!
(The more so as you don’t see so good at the indirectly flashed glass that I didn’t dried the glass too well at the last washing up ;-)))
This indirect flashing is similar to my entry Taking Photos from Jewelry.

At flickr: Poor Man Side Flash

Here at unikatissima: Taking Photos from Jewelry

Peyote Triangle Bracelet

thisyearsdozen_wordpress Peyote Triangle Bracelet

Recently I browsed the internet for Peyote bead work and this way I found the instruction on how to make a Peyote triangle bracelet (see instead this diagram).
Looks great, doesn’t it?

My to-do-list gets longer and longer ;-))

How to Make a Peyote Triangle Bracelet, Part 1
How to Make a Peyote Triangle Bracelet, Part 2
Peyote Triangle Bracelet

But I found a diagram (Triangle Peyote Stitch.Beadwork.) that you can possibly use instead.

Here at unikatissima:
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