Freeform RAW

unikatissima Freeform RAW

I really love freeform (I know that I’m recurring, but I have to ;-))
Because of this and because I often find it difficult to know how to begin freeform items, I was glad to find the tutorial on how to make freeform RAW (Right Angle Weave) tutorial on how to make freeform RAW (Right Angle Weave).
I don’t work much with RAW, I don’t have any idea, why. On the photo you see one of the very few pieces I made with this technique.
Perhaps I should go about it once more ;-))

Freeform RAW
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Freeform RAW

Google search result for ‘Right Angle Weave’: many tutorials
Google image search result for ‘Right Angle Weave’: lot of inspiration :)

Galathite (milk stone)

unikatissima Galathite Milk Stone Button

Once I heard that you can make your own plastic – I’ve been interested immediately ;-))
Further research showed the word ‘Galathite’ and a website with wonderful galathite jewelry.
Needless to say that I wanted to know how to make this myself and I found several tutorials (see links below).
The bottom line is to extract the casein from low fat(!), warm milk by dint of vinegar, to shape it and then let dry.
On the photo you see a button (my first try). I wouldn’t use it, because it can break a little too easily. If I had made it thicker, I think that it could be used.
I sanded and polished it which was very easy. It has a beautiful soft shine (which I couldn’t show unfortunately on the photo).
I didn’t really care about quantities while trying it but even so I’m satisfied with the result. It was also very fast: after about 15 Min. the button moulding blank was ready and could begin to dry.
Best to try it yourself ;-)

Galalithe: a French tutorial, that I show here, because I like the photos of the work steps best

At instructables:
Homemade Plastic
Make plastic out of milk

Jewelry from galathite

Antique Pattern Library

Irish Crochet Doily

Via allfreecrafts – Crochet Doilies in Imitation of Point Lace Work I found the Antique Pattern Library.
They looked for books where the copyright has expired (public domain) and scanned the instructions. Those scans are offered for free (under certain circumstances) as PDFs angeboten (Look out, some of them are quite large, but unfortunately they haven’t noted the size).

Have fun with crochet, knitting, tatting, netting, embroidery, needle lace, beading and other needlework patterns ;-)

Antique Pattern Library

allfreecrafts – Crochet Doilies in Imitation of Point Lace Work

Wikipedia entry: Public domain

Paper from Plants

unikatissima Paper from Plants

I wrote already an entry on Nature Paper, where vegetables have been sliced and dried.
In this tutorial on how to make paper from plants plants are made to ‘real’ paper.
I didn’t try it yet for several reasons, amongst others reasons of place, but I already keep an eye on my yucca ;-))

Hand Papermaking and Papier Maché
Yucca Paper

Beaded Daisy Chains

unikatissima Beaded Daisy Chains

I found once a website with lots of beading instructions, amongst others several tutorials on how to make Daisy chains.
Take a look by yourself, there is so much to be learned and the results look so beautiful!

I haven’t beaded no Daisy chains yet, the only daisies I made where on a mezuza I once made.
But the Daisy chains look so delicate that I really want to try them one day.

At Eagle Spirit Designs UK: Beading instructions, e.g.
Daisy Band with 6 Petals
Daisy Band Arrow Head Weave
Daisy Band – 2 Coloured Stripe
But be sure to check out the other tutorials, too, they are great!

Wikipedia: Mezuza (english)