Arm Knitting

Arm Knitting

I prefer crochet to knitting, mostly because I’m faster crocheting than knitting.
But then I found a tutorial on how to knit with your arms tutorial on how to knit with your arms – the speed of arm knitting arm knitting can’t be beaten ;-))
On the photo you see a scarf I made this way in no time. And you can see in the detail, that it is really knit – no cheating. Just chasing ;-))

Arm Knitting
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Arm Knitting

Beaded Bottle

Beaded Bottle Beaded Bottle

For some time I worked a lot with beads and the peyote stitch. Then I found a tutorial on how to bead a bottle and was thrilled – not only about the tutorial, but about my own results as well ;-))
On the photos you can see two of my beaded bottles. I embellished the bottleneck of the blue one with funky fibers, the beading was made with a kind of bead soup* (I only used beads of the same size). The brown-golden one was made with just two sorts of beads, but I added some peyote ruffles at the bottleneck and a wire to use the little bottle as mini vase.


Beaded Bottle The third photo shows the bottom of the blue bottle.
* ‘Bead soup’ is on the whole an assortment of different beads, often with beads of different sizes and shapes. Many beaders use it for Freeform Peyote, but it can be used for many beading purposes. If you want to string the beads, use a bead spinner.

Tutorial on a Beaded Bottle
Peyote Ruffles

Google search result for ‘bead soup’
Peyote stitch: Beadwork: A website with lots of tutorials about beadwork
Basic Beading Stitch Tutorials A website with lots of (german) tutorials about beadwork: click on ‘Anleitungen’ in the sidebar left and there select one of the Peyote tutorials

Here at unikatissima:
Freeform Peyote
Making a Bead Spinner

Rose Bag

Rose Bag

One day I found this tutorial on how to make a Rose bag – stunning!
I’d love to crochet it one day, but up until now I didn’t get further than the Irish rose on the photo ;-)
(I know that the Rose bag isn’t done as Irish Rose, but it looks like ;-))


Tutorial on how to make a Rose bag

Irish Rose:
Two-Layer Irish Crochet Rose Free Pattern

Translations of Crochet Terms

Folded Spirals

Folded Spirals

As I saw this tutorial on how to make vellum spirals I was amazed: such beautiful paper spirals and so easy to make!
On the photo you see my spiral with changing directions.
It looks so frail against the light.

The tutorial is in German, but there are explaining pictures (you must look at the PDF file!).
What you have to do is basically:

  • Take a piece of vellum paper (I used some sandwich paper).
  • Cut a triangle from the vellum paper.
  • Cut a narrow, right-angled triangle from cardboard (best look at the explaining pictures).
  • Lay the cardboard triangle on the vellum paper triangle as described by the explaining pictures and fold the paper along the cardboard triangle. Then turn the vellum paper triangle and fold the paper again.
  • Continue as long as you like/as possible.

They suggest that you begin to experiment then:

  • try broader or narrower triangles for the paper
  • try broader or narrower triangles for the cardboard
  • use a narrow cardboard triangle for left folds and a broad for right folds
  • divide in halves every second fold after having finished etc.

I had a lot of fun and I hope so will you :-)

I intend to use those spirals in the future on cards, tags, in altered books and so forth.
I’d love to know about your experiments with folded spirals.

Tutorial on how to fold paper spirals:
(Download the PDF file)

Reducing Polymer Clay Canes

Reducing Polymer Clay Canes

When working with polymer clay you often work with canes. On the photo you see some of mine.
You can create them quite big (and therefore easier to deal with then small ones), but then you must reduce them.
If you simply roll your canes, all those beautiful patterns will be distorted.
At Polymer Clay Central you find answers for nearly all questions about polymer clay ;-) and gazillions of projects, tutorials and ideas.
One is the tutorial on how to reduce canes.
If you want to see other tutorials on canes, take a look at the table of contents of the Cyclopedia and search on the site for ‘cane’.
You will be amazed! :-))
(And if you ask yourself what to do with those canes, take e.g. a look at the bowl embellished with the TrueLEIGH Rose Cane (last photo). This convinced me that it was worth a try ;-))

Polymer Clay Central – Better look yourself ;-))
Definition of ‘cane’
Table of contents of the Cyclopedia

Tutorial on how to reduce canes