Wire Wrapped Hardware

craftydaisies Wire Wrapped Hardware

When seeing this tutorial on how to make jewelry from hardware store stuff I feel the urge to drive to the next hardware store immediately and rummage around.
But I will stay strong and wait until the next occasion.
Or perhaps I just sneak off to my basement…

Wire Wrapped Hardware (It’s a Wrap)

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Bauble – Knitted Bead Cuff

unikatissima Bauble.jpg

I found at knitty the instruction for the knitted bead cuff ‘Bauble’ and really liked it.
Therefore I wanted to knit at least a bit to see how it looks.
Because I don’t have any bigger beads at the moment I used some left over paper beads.
But I didn’t manage to knit the bead string at all.
I really must try it again when I’m a little more untroubled because I really find Bauble beautiful!

At knitty: Bauble

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Aluminium Can Jewelry

espritcabane Aluminum Can Jewelry

I love recycling tutorials and therefore this tutorial on how to make aluminium can jewelry should hit the spot.
Additionally I really like the items, better than others.

But I haven’t bought aluminium cans for years and I don’t think that I will begin to buy them now just to make jewelry from the them ;-))

Aluminium Can Jewelry