Make Your Own Stitch Holders

zakkalife Stitch Holders

When knitting you must sometimes set aside the stitches and then one uses stitch holders.
But if you’re making your own knitting needles, why not also your stitch holders? ;-)

Anyhow, I really liked the instruction and next time I need some, I will make them myself.

zakka life: How To Make Stitch Holders

Here at unikatissima: Self-made Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles

Card with Paper Ornament

unikatissima Card with Paper Ornament

I found the umpteenth instruction on how to cut a snowflake from paper, but this time the snowflake looked so much more beautiful than usually.
I made immediately a card with non winterly coloured advertising junk mail paper :)

Fidgety Fingers: Magazine Manifesto – Paper Snow

Here at unikatissima: Kirigami Flower

Beverage Carton Crochet

(Click photo to enlarge)
Once I’ve seen a fashion photo where I’ve been really impressed by the garment.
Recently, when I drank my apple juice, I thought: ‘Yes, that’s the right material in the right colour for this!’


Therefore I figured out how to make it.

And that’s what you do:

First cut the (washed! ;-)) beverage carton in pieces and, if you like, you can arrange the pieces in a pattern that suits you best (best done on a stiff pad, then you can carry it away carefully, if necessary).

I cut my pieces just as I liked to (there is another garment), but regular shapes, square e.g. are not bad either. They were used in yet another garment (here a detail photo).


I didn’t arrange anything and on this photo I’m checking whether the piece fits at this place.


Subsequently prick holes into the cardboard. Try to get a regular spacing between the holes.

Please note that the holes may not be placed too closely to the edge!
I had to throw away some of my snippets because the thread ripped the hole.


That’s how my snippet looked like after the piercing from both sides.
The cardboard has a nice silver coloured internal coating which makes also the backside look good.


Afterwards I took my pierced snippet and surrounded it using a tapestry needle with button hole stitches with cotton thread.


The surrounding is finished.

I worked quite loosely to 1. get on easier with the crochet (see next step) and 2. keep my snippet in shape.


Afterwards I crocheted single crochet stitches single crochet stitches around the surrounding thread with the same thread.
Mostly I crocheted 2 single crochet stitches, sometimes even 3.
At the corners I crocheted 1 to 2 chain stitches chain stitches between the single crochets.


I then worked chains chains of about 5 stitches into the single crochets.


I joined the chains chains with the chains of the already finished item immediately when crocheting.


That’s what I’ve done until now.
I can imagine making a sommer vest from it, a belt or the top flap of a cute purse.
But I haven’t decided yet ;-))


My inspiration at Marella Ferrera Alta Moda:
Fall/Winter 98/99 – L’Isola dei Ciclopi
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Terracotta
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica – Detail

Embroidery stitches:
Button hole stitch instruction (English)
Button hole stitch instruction (German)

Crochet stitches:
Chain (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Chain (English)
Chain (German)

Single crochet (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Single crochet (English)
Single crochet (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Crochet Joining
Clothes From Crocheted Medaillons

Concerning unikatissima


Lemonade Award
One month ago Kokopelli nominated me already for the ‘Lemonade award for attitude and gratitude’.
Once again thank you so much, I’m really proud of it!

My entry has been delayed because I thought over and over again to whom I should give the award.
As result of my thinking I reached the decision that I can’t give it further as expected:
I’m presenting here every day instructions, many are published on blogs.
And I think that every single author who bothers to write a blog entry with his or her own instruction deserves the award already!
Thus I want to thank you all out there who provide tutorials just for the fun of it for your attitude (for the award) and for your generosity (for my part ;-))!

However I want to nominate a blog for the ‘Lemonade award for attitude and gratitude’, but not for the tutorials which are the subject of unikatissima, but because Leslie stands up for peace between Israel and Palestine with tireless dedication: The TikkunTree Project.
Perhaps some people like to participate in the project (guidelines of project) with a leaf or a dove.

Well, there’s something else to tell: ‘unikatissima’s compilation of tutorials’ is one year old today!
Last February I startet with the Cloche style hat and the Recycled Card Pillow Box.
It’s sheer lunacy!


The TikkunTree Project
Guidelines of The TikkunTree Project

Here at unikatissima: The beginning ;-)

Floating Paper

unikatissima Floating Paper

Once I found the instruction on how to preserve leaves with beeswax. This way you can make the leaves for float on water.
I really liked the idea, but it is winter now and I thought that you can do the same with paper, similar to the beeswax collage.
Then I thought further and found out, that paper floats without wax also (goes muuuuch swifter! ;-))).

On the first photo you see a glass bowl with a simple tea light, the paper snippets are from some advertising junk mail.


unikatissima Floating Paper For this photo I thought even further (which wasn’t easy ;-)) and spread on some confetti from the hole puncher.
I like it!


The only problem was the disposal when I wanted to throw away the confetti. I couldn’t fish them out without problems. Therefore I put a piece of tissue paper onto the gutter of my kitchen sink so that no confetti could pass through, and poured slowly the bowl on the tissue paper (if you pour too fast the tissue paper can slip). The water went through and the confetti assembled onto the tissue paper, so that I simply had to throw away the tissue paper with the confetti.

Preserving Leaves with Beeswax for Floating on Water

Here at unikatissima: Beeswax Collage