Freeform CAL

unikatissima Freeform Crochet Along

A ‘Freeform CAL’ is a ‘Freeform Crochet along’, viz., everybody works following the same specification and see, how (different) the results can be.

And I liked this Freeform CAL especially, because I find it often difficult/exhausting to think of a new stitch every time while working freeform.


Here are some specifications:

  • “DC an amount of stitches equal to the number of letters in your full name”
  • “…please do a cluster for each pair of shoes you own” (therefore the photo ;-))
  • “Let’s play. Take a breath, how many times can you say the phrase ‘floppy fluffy puppies’ before you need to take another or you trip over your tongue? That many shell stitches please “

I find it great: this way you have a ‘pattern’ you can follow even when you work freeform and when you look at the pictures at the Freeform CAL thread you will see that every item looks different from the others.

I’m amazed!

Freeform CAL at

Here at unikatissima: Freeform Needlework

Popup Spinner

The World of Geometric Toy Pop-Up Spinner

I found a tutorial for a great pop-up card! The center spins apparently when opening the card.
There is even an animation.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to make this card yet, but I will ;-)

Popup Spinner
Animation showing how the popup spinner works

Make your own Wire Jig

unikatissima Make your own Wire Jig

A Wire Jig is a kind of board with pins where you can wind the wire. It is used for making jewelry.

And now I know how to make my own wire jig.
As you can see on the photo I gathered the pins already, I only have to find a wooden plate ;-)

And when you gathered all the elements of the wire jig, you can begin to make beautiful wire jewelry.

Make your own Wire Jig
WigJig University of Making Jewelry with Wire and Beads

Special Shape Castings

unikatissima Special Shape Castings

I found a tutorial on easy plaster casting.
The point is mainly to create the mold of a star or the like from aluminium foil and to cast it with plaster.
Even if it is filed under ‘kids crafts’, I find the idea interesting.

I did it once, but I can’t find back my item ;-(

At that time I made a mold with a rounded bottom.
To fix it thoroughly (to prevent the plaster to ‘run away’) I put the aluminium foil mold into a layer of flour.
Sand would be as well.

Special Shape Castings