Skeleton Leaves

unikatissima Skeleton Leaves

I presented an entry about leaves skeletons already. There you had to use particular leaves and I don’t know if they grow nearby.
Now I found another tutorial on how to make skeleton leaves where the only condition is the use of thick leaves.
I find this easier ;-)

At my next walk in the woods I think I will take a little bag with me ;-))

Skeleton Leaves

Here at unikatissima: Leaves Skeletons

10 Minute Boa

unikatissima 10 Minute Boa

If you need a boa quickly (with accessories!) the tutorial on how to make a 10 minute boa will be helpful.
Although I never needed a boa quickly up until now ;-))

Originally it is crocheted, but I am sure that you can finger crochet (see Links below) or make a fingerloop braid.

10 Minute Boa

Concerning finger crochet:
Finger Crochet Jewelry
Crochet a Bracelet With Your Fingers

Here at unikatissima: Fingerloop Braiding

Paper Mache Bowl

unikatissima Papermache Bowl

Again I found a tutorial for making paper bowls. I found the bowls nice but not the way I wanted them.
Therefore I glued three, four layers of white tissue paper on using wallpaper glue – the ‘quite normal’ paper mache technique.
I really like this bowl, although I should possibly paint it.

(another) tutorial on how to make paper bowls (magazine bowl)

Here at unikatissima:


Knitting Efficiently

unikatissima Knitting Efficiently

I prefer crochet to knitting, but if I do I want to knit efficiently.
I liked the conclusions of this article because I tried it and found, that knitting this way (loosely, with little movements) makes it easier and I don’t get so easily pain in my shoulders or arms.

Knitting Efficiently

Here at unikatissima:
Pain From Crafting

Edible Origami – Crane Croutons

unikatissima Edible Origami-Crane croutons

Once again an idea I love: origami cranes as salad croutons (or the other way round? ;-))
But I guess its too time consuming for me. ;-)


At Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories:
Edible Origami. Crane croutons for your salad.

And for the making of ‘totally normal’ paper origami cranes:
Google search result for ‘origami crane’
Google image search result for ‘origami crane’